Herman Cain Campaign On The Verge Of Collapse?

Is the Cain Train finally running out of steam?

What Happens To The GOP If Obama Wins In 2012?

Expect plenty of GOP infighting if President Obama is re-elected next November.

20 Most Influential Black Republicans

John Hawkins has compiled a list of The Top 20 Most Influential Black Republicans. It’s not impressive.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Straw Boss Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Tea Party’s Utopianism Is Making It Irrelevant

By insisting on perfection in the debt ceiling debate, the Tea Party has made itself irrelevant to the process.

That’s Just Weird (House GOP’s Movie Clip for Inspiration)

Somebody has an odd idea of “inspirational.”

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Operation Dumbo Drop Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Allen West is an Embarrassment

Freshman GOP Representative Allen West is a loose cannon and unfit for office.

Opposing Dumb, Unnecessary Wars Is Not “Isolationism”

Contrary to what Senator McCain, seeking realism in military policy does not make one an isolationist.

Allen West: Anti-War Congressmen Should ‘Get Shot at a Few Times’

Allen West says Congressmen who oppose the war in Afghanistan should go over and “get shot at a few times and maybe they’d have a different opinion.”

Are Republicans Facing A Backlash Over Ryan Plan And Medicare Changes?

There are signs that the Ryan Plan isn’t playing well with the public.

Debt Ceiling Vote Will Be The GOP’s First Test

Freshman Members of Congress are threatening to block a vote to raise the debt ceiling that Congress will have to take by this Spring. They’d be irresponsible if they did so.

Will The Class Of 2010 Repeat The Mistakes Of 1994?

The incoming freshman of the 112th Congress say that they won’t repeat the mistakes that Republicans made when they gained power sixteen years ago, but some of the advice they’re getting virtually guarantees it will happen if they aren’t careful.

VFW Endorses Non-Vet Over Allen West, Retired LTC

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has endorsed Ron Klein, who never served a day in uniform, over retired LTC Allen West, a decorated veteran of several foreign wars. Is this an outrage?

LTC Allen West: Do Ends Justify The Means?

While West’s actions would not cause any negative reaction in most armies, a professional force can’t behave in this manner.