China Trade Wars the New Normal

The elite consensus that free trade would bring them around is gone.

Biden Wants Credit for Economy Worse Than the One He Inherited

Prices are coming down but they’re way higher than they were.

China’s Worrisome Behavior

The competition is slowly ratcheting up.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Ukraine and the ‘New Rules of War’

Many and small beats large and heavy. Finding beats flanking. Swarming beats surging.

Biden Pleads for Regime Change in Russia

The President commits a Kinsley gaffe.

Andrew Marshall Dead at 97

The legendary figure was in charge of strategic forecasting at the Pentagon for decades.

Trump’s Master Plan for Tariffs

I have heard Trump supporters offer the following rationale for Trump’s tarris, “It is a bargaining strategy.” Then they sit back and smirk, and tell me, “Trump really wants zero tariffs, but to get these other countries to come to the table he has to get their attention. And once he has softened them up, they’ll be willing to reduce their tariffs.”

Trump’s Asian Trip Leaves Allies Wondering And Doubting

President Trump returns home from an Asian trip that wasn’t exactly impressive.

The #NeverTrump Movement Is Propelling The Republican Party Toward Civil War

The effort to stop Donald Trump seems likely to set off a civil war inside the Republican Party.


Most in the international relations community are not amused by the president’s National Security Strategy.

Hillary Clinton Wasn’t a Horrible Secretary of State

Yet another autiobiography invites public discussion about her accomplishments.

How America Stopped Thinking Strategically

Today’s foreign-policy disputes rarely consider the way America’s response to one crisis might affect another.

Obama’s Failed Middle East Strategy

Walter Russell Mead explains why a well intentioned, carefully crafted and consistently pursued grand strategy failed.

Presidential Experience Redux

Is Mitt Romney the least experienced major-party presidential nominee since1940?

Can America Think Strategically?

America’s greatest statesmen fear America’s political paralysis endangers our ability to lead the world.

Newt Gingrich’s Foreign Policy Judgment, Or Lack Thereof

Newt Gingrich’s foreign policy vision leaves much to be desired.

How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology

Why the United States has found itself in a seemingly endless series of wars over the past two decades.

Obama Doctrine Like It Or Not

Dan Drezner: President Obama should give a speech that “clearly prioritizes American interests and values. Because unless the president defines his grand strategy, pundits will be more than happy to define it — badly — for him.”

Obama Libya Speech Post-Mortem

Ten days after sending American forces into kinetic military action in Libya, President Obama addressed the nation to explain “what we’ve done, what we plan to do, and why this matters to us.”

Obama’s Road to War

Did President Obama pull off a diplomatic masterstroke? Or is he muddling through?

Kissinger: Jews in Gas Chambers MAYBE Humanitarian Concern

If the Soviets had put Jews into gas chambers, it would have been a pity.

Democrats “Major Announcement” Turns Out To Be Cheesy New Logo

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine thinks all his party’s problems will be solved with this new web site. Yea, that’s the problem you guys have this year, bad web design.

Underwear Bombs


The Ungoverned

Reforming NATO

Petraeus Fetishism

David Petraeus is a military superstar; he’s not commander-in-chief.