The Republican Party’s Shame

The Party of Lincoln went over the cliff like lemmings in support. It’s tough to see how they recover.

Valerie Plame, Ex-CIA Operative, Running For Congress

Valerie Plame, the former CIA agent whose identity was outed during the Bush Administration, is running for Congress in New Mexico.

Rep. Peter King (R., New York) Wants Journalists Prosecuted As Spies

One Congressman thinks it would be a good idea to treat journalists as criminals.

State Of The Union Address Obsolete

In a 24/7 media climate, there is no single presidential thought that isn’t endlessly aired and debated.

How The Tea Party Lost The 2012 Republican Primaries

After having so much influence in 2010, the Tea Party is finding itself adrift in the search for a Republican nominee in 2012.

We Have a President, Not a King

Did Speaker Boehner insult President Obama by snubbing his speech request? If so, so what?

Former Congressman’s Defamation Suit Against Pro-Life Group To Proceed

A somewhat surprising First Amendment decision arising out of the 2010 Elections.

An Irony About Libya

So much for not getting invaded…

Why Charlie Rangel Will Likely Survive

Despite facing a thirteen-count ethics complaint, Charlie Rangel probably isn’t going anywhere.

Alito: Not True

9/12 Protests

Heckling the President

Bob Novak Dead at 78

Abolish The CIA?

Plame vs. Wilson

Yet Another Plame Post

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