"Abloy" by Quim Gil is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 "Abloy" by Quim Gil is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

COVID Whataboutism

Should government be taking harsher measures against smoking, car crashes, and the flu?

freddie deboer checking in and checking out

A public intellectual is getting the help he needs.

Jawa Report Turns 10

Blogging has changed much over the last decade, and not all for the good.

Weekly Crowdsource: Your “Must Read” Experts Edition

This week’s Weekly Crowdsource is a search for new experts to follow.

Paywalls Not Saving Newspapers?

Newspapers are still finding it hard to live in the Internet Age.

Reddit Genius Arrested for JSTOR Downloads

Aaron Swartz has been arrested for downloading too many academic journal articles.

Blogging 101

Some thoughts on why certain topics get blogged.

Books For Men Who Don’t Read

Andy McNab writes books for people who like video games.

Google Knows You Better Than You Think

Google has an inordinate amount of information about you and your circle of friends.

‘Google Me’ New Facebook Competitor

Google is getting serious about launching a Facebook competitor. Is it too late?

Newspapers Suck Less Than You Think

An article attempting to illustrate the obsolescence of newspapers inadvertently does the opposite.

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