Trump Rejects Virtual Debate

The infected guy wants a face-to-face debate.

Trump Rejects Virtual Debate

His campaign now wants more live debates.

Topics for First Trump-Biden Debate

The general election campaign is about to kick off in earnest.

Would Trump Boycott The Presidential Debates?

President Trump is reportedly considering boycotting the General Election debates next fall.

Commission On Presidential Debates Sets Schedule For General Election Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates has released the schedule and criteria for the General Election debates. As usual, the criteria are heavily biased in favor of the major party candidates.

Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge To Commission On Presidential Debates

A Federal Appeals Court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein regarding their exclusion from Presidential debates.

Presidential Race Remains Tight Heading Into First Debate

With just hours before the first debate, and six weeks until Election Day, the race for President remains tight.

Third Party Candidates Excluded From Presidential, Vice-Presidential Debate

Once again, the debate commission controlled by the two major parties is excluding third-party candidates from the Presidential debates.

Despite Historic Success, Gary Johnson Struggles To Qualify For Presidential Debates

Gary Johnson is doing better than any third-party candidate in twenty years, but that doesn’t mean he’s likely to get an invitation to the upcoming Presidential debates.

Gary Johnson Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson doesn’t get much national press attention, and it doesn’t help when he flubs an answer like he did this morning.

Pre-Convention Polls Show Clinton Leading, Johnson Rising, Major Party Candidates Hated

A look at the state of the race before the two party conventions begin.

Get Rid Of Televised Debates?

Should we stop televising political debates?

Do Presidential Debates Even Matter?

There’s little evidence that Presidential debates can be game changers.

Newt Gingrich Apparently Can’t Debate Without His Cheering Section

Newt Gingrich was wondering where his audience was last night.

The Myth Of Newt Gingrich The Great Debater

Conservatives seem to believe that Newt Gingrich can beat Barack Obama merely by debating him. They are delusional.

Did We Really Need 17 Debates Before The New Hampshire Primary?

Can anyone bring the primary debate schedule under control?

Presidential Transitions To Start Before President Actually Elected

A new law allows Presidential candidates to set up transition offices while they’re still running for election, perhaps providing an opportunity for shortening the 2 1/2 month interregnum between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

The Bush-Kerry Debates