Leaving Afghanistan After Only 20 Years

Four administrations and two decades later, it’s about to be over.

George Will: Vote Democrat in November

The dean of conservative columnists argues that the Republican Congress must be taught a lesson.

The Bright Side of RFRA

We’re down to debating whether bigots should have to sell cakes to gay people.

Extreme Fitness Obsession

Heather Havrilesky asks, “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?

Joyner and Foust on Manning and Other Stuff

Joshua Foust and I discuss Chelsea Manning and other issues for BloggingHeadsTV.

Chelsea Manning and the Law

Bradley Manning’s announcement that she wishes to begin living life as a woman poses some interesting legal questions.

24/7 News Even When There’s No News

A sensational story, little solid information, and instant analysis are a bad combination

Veterans Write Shitty Novels, Too

It’s okay to criticize military veterans–even if you never served in the military.

Toy Train in Space

So Ron Fugelseth decided it would be cool to send his son’s toy train into space. Turns out, it was.

Afghanistan War at Ten

Ten years ago tomorrow, President Bush announced that “the United States military has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.”

Corpse Found in Tub with TV Weatherman

KARK weatherman Brett Cummins was asleep in a bathtub with a dead man wearing a dog collar lying next to him.

The “Responsibility To Protect” Doctrine After Libya

What does the apparent outcome of the war in Libya mean for the so-called “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine?

Religious Extremism in America

What are the contours of “mainstream” religious thought in today’s America?

Honor Fallen SEALs by Questioning Their Mission

Honoring the fallen by ensuring that the didn’t die in vain is a recipe for getting more good men killed.

Navy Chaplains May Perform Gay Marriages

The Navy is considering allowing its chaplains to perform same-sex marriages once “Dont ask, Don’t tell” ends.

Pakistan After Bin Laden: Frenemies Forever?

Changing our relationship status to Complicated.

Afghanistan’s Tet Offensive?

Todays’ horrific attack on the UN complex in Mazar-i Sharif may well the the Tet Offensive of Afghanistan: a relatively minor event that permanently changed the American public’s view of the war.

Welcome to Wisconsin (A Division of Koch Industries)

A Welcome to Wisconsin sign with another sign saying “A Division of Koch Industries” is going around Twitter.

Quote of the Day – WikiLeaks Edition

Humor me for a moment: if your life was in danger, would you trust Julian Assange to keep your identity a secret? – Joshua Foust

McChrystal’s Team America

Stan McChrystal’s boys had “Team America” patches made up.

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