Former Egyptian President Morsi Sentenced to Death

Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first truly-elected president, has been sentenced to death by the government which ousted him in a coup.

New Dictator Wins Egyptian Presidential Election

Different name, same result in Egypt.

Meet Egypt’s New Military Dictator

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is a name we’re likely to be seeing in the news for some time to come.

So Far, The Military Coup Looks Like It Will Be A Disaster For Egypt In The End

Nearly six months later, it’s hard to find any good in the July military coup in Egypt.

U.S. Freezes A Portion Of Military Aid To Egypt

The U.S. sends a mostly weak signal to the Egyptian military.

Did The Egyptian Military Set Morsi Up To Fail?

Certain aspects of Egyptian civic life have improved rapidly in the wake of the military coup, raising at least some questions about the events leading up to it.

When Is A Coup Not A Coup?

Words don’t always mean what you think they mean.

On The Coup In Egypt And The Future Of Democracy

The events of the last week in Egypt raise a whole host of questions.

The Day After In Egypt

Egyptians celebrated last night, but the future is far from clear.

Military Coup Underway In Egypt [Update: Morsi Deposed]

if reports are to be believed, there is a coup d’etat underway in Egypt.

Millions Of Egyptians Protest Morsi Regime As Military Sets Deadline For Action

Yesterday saw some of the biggest protests ever to rock Egypt. Where does it go from here?

Egyptian Military Ready To Step Back Into Politics?

The Egyptian military appears to be signalling that its patience for political chaos may be running short.

Water, Poverty, and Saber-Rattling in North Africa

As if the region didn’t have enough problems.

Turkey On The Brink?

Has the Arab Spring come to Turkey?

The U.S. And Egypt. Allies? Enemies? Frenemies? Well, It’s Complicated

If the United States and Egypt were Facebook friends, their relationship status would be “It’s Complicated.”

Mohammed Morsi Declared Winner Of Egyptian Presidential Election

The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood is the next President of Egypt, but the political future of Egypt itself remains quite murky.