Return of the Technocrats? Or Sinking in the Swamp?

Policy wonks are seeing a refreshing return to the normal order. Some believe that’s a bad thing.

Live By The Markets, Die By The Markets

Donald Trump spent much of the past year touting the rising stock market, now he’s getting a lesson in reality.

Clinton Cleared Legally, But Her ‘Extreme’ Carelessness Will Follow Her To The White House

Hillary Clinton’s extreme carelessness with classified information probably won’t cost her the election, but it should.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Donald Trump Would Lead The GOP To Electoral College Disaster

Putting Donald Trump at the top of the ticket would likely lead to an Electoral College disaster for Republicans.

What to Make of the 2014 Wave Election

What happened Tuesday? And what does it tell us about 2016?

Obamacare Fading As A 2014 Campaign Issue

The Affordable Care Act is playing almost no role in the midterm elections.

Neither Mitt Romney Nor Paul Ryan Understand Why They Lost

Neither member of the Republican ticket seems to understand what really happened on Election Day.

Romney Campaign Reportedly Planning ‘Aggressive’ Campaign Against Obama

The Romney Campaign is reportedly planning a more aggressive campaign against the President for the fall.

Paul Ryan Polling Worse Than Sarah Palin?

If a new Gallup poll is any indication, Paul Ryan was not a great pick.

61% Say Country Headed in Wrong Direction, Yet Obama Leads Romney

The election is about the economy. The economy is awful. Yet the incumbent still holds a slight lead.

2012 Race Down to Seven Battleground States?

While the news media is focused on sixteen battleground states, the professionals running the Obama and Romney campaigns are focused on a much narrower list.

Republican Stupidity Widens Gender Gap

Weeks of bizarre talk about contraception and vaginal ultrasounds has surprisingly alienated women from the Republican Party.

Kim’s Eulogy

We held Kim’s services this morning. These were my prepared remarks.

Herman Cain: New Republican Frontrunner?!

Herman Cain is leading Mitt Romney in two respected polls.

Voter Confidence Historically Low, Anger Historically High

The debt ceiling debate may turn out to be Obama’s Katrina.

Mitt Romney Gearing Up: Disclosure

Mitt Romney has hired my wife’s boss as his pollster.

Republicans: Agenda ? We Don’t Need No Stinking Agenda

Some Republicans seem to think they don’t need to put forward any actual ideas in order to win November.

Michigan Post Mortem

Petraeus’ Poll Surge

Iraq War Attitudes