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Steven L. Taylor is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University. His main areas of expertise include parties, elections, and the institutional design of democracies. His most recent book is the co-authored A Different Democracy: American Government in a 31-Country Perspective. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and his BA from the University of California, Irvine. He has been blogging since 2003 (originally at the now defunct Poliblog). Follow Steven on Twitter

Gary Cooper, Woody Allen, and Trump (Oh My!)

Wherein Noonan writes an odd column that reaches the right conclusion.

More Norm-Busting by the President

More evidence the president does not understand his job.

Potential Pardons = Potential Constitutional Crisis

The pardon issue could be a serious inflection point.

An Appropriate Assessment of the Spicer Era

Don’t cry for Spicer.

Another Poor Attempt at Illustrating the Scourge of Voter Fraud

Another failed attempt to demonstrate the problems of voter fraud in the US.

Challenges and Threats to Representative Government in the United States

Thoughts on the quality of our democracy.

A Quick Russian Translation

When the Kremlin Says ‘Adoptions,’ It Means ‘Sanctions’

It Just Keeps Getting Worse for Don Jr.

Inching towards evidence of at least attempted collusion?

More on the Trump Jr. Meeting (Updated)

A report states that the meeting was set up on the predicate of information on the Clinton campaign.

On the Removal of CSA Symbols

Symbols shape our views of the past.

Yet Another Russia Meeting from the Campaign

Add another example of an undisclosed Russia-linked meeting and Team Trump.

Progress towards Peace in Colombia

The FARC have disarmed. Now to the hard part.

It’s Part of the Job…

Being a public servant, especially serving as President or in the White House in general, means you are going to be criticized, lampooned, ridiculed, and even “attacked.”

The 140 Character POTUS

Twitter is, in some way, the most vacuous and simplistic of all social media, and it also appears to be the President’s main intellectual outlet.

Line of the Day (Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 Edition)

No wonder they wrote it in secret and want to move quickly to a vote…

Democrats Take Stock

Some thoughts on the current state of the Democrats.