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8 Billion

A new milestone in human history.

Time for a New Generation to Lead?

The Silents and Boomers have been in charge too long.

Nostalgic for Nostalgia

Is the past still the past?

Presidential Generations

We’re going to make history one way or another in November.

Putting an End to the Millennial Generation

We form stereotypes about generational cohorts when they’re very young and then freeze them.

Baby Boomers No Longer The Majority Of U.S. Voters

A new study shows that Baby Boomers no longer account for the largest segment of voters in the United States.

Florence Henderson, Iconic Television Mom, Dies At 82

Rest In Peace, Mrs. Brady.

Americans Are Becoming More Liberal On Social Issues

A new poll shows that Americans have moved to the left on a wide variety of social issues.

Americans Becoming Less Christian And Less Religious, Survey Says

A new survey shows that Americans are becoming less Christian, and less religious overall.

Baby Boomers Shocked They’re Getting Old

Michele Willens wonders, “When Did We Get So Old?”

Millennials: Less Patriotic, Or Just Differently Patriotic?

Some surveys suggest that younger Americans are less patriotic than older generations.

Obama’s Poll Numbers Dip Again, Time For Democrats To Worry

A grim new poll for the President and his Democratic allies.

Belief in God Low Among Young Americans

A third of Americans under the age of 30 doubt the existence of God, compared to 14 percent 25 years ago.

Are We Overprotecting Our Kids?

How did we survive without all the molly-codding kids today get?

Count Chocula and Franken Berry

An offhand comment in my post “Obama Killed Cap’n Crunch” sparked inquiries about the fate of the General Mills line of cereals featuring monster characters.

Car CD Players Obsolete?

The in-dash CD player is being rapidly phased out.

Bad Cartoons