Biden Energy Subsidies More Popular Than Projected

The projections were way off—in a good way.


The President is trying to change perceptions ahead of the election.

Policies in Conflict

The Biden Administration wants clean energy but only for some.

Ukraine War Ruining Biden’s Plans

Crises tend to be distracting.

What is Infrastructure, Anyway?

We can all agree that it’s important but not what it is.

Biden Leads Warren In Massachusetts In New Poll

A new poll shows the former Vice-President leading Senator Elizabeth Warren in her home state.

Trump’s 2020 Message Is Clear, And It’s Not A Healthy One

The tone and content of President Trump’s 2020 campaign is already quite apparent.

Jerry Brown For President?

Fourth time’s the charm? Probably not.

Obama, GOP Battle Over Sequestration Cuts

The sequestration cuts are fast approaching, and the political battle is continuing.

What’s Really Driving Up Gas Prices

The cause of the pain you’re feeling at the pump has little to do with domestic energy policy.

White House Pressured Solyndra To Delay Layoffs Until After Midterm Elections?

More revelations regarding the relationship between Solyndra and the Obama White House.

The “Green Jobs” Boondoggle

America is discovering that throwing money at an industry in the hope it will create jobs doesn’t work.

GE Pays Zero Taxes: Hate the Game, Not the Player

GE made $14.2 billion in profits last year but paid zero corporate taxes to the United States Government. Legally.

Did Obama Plagiarize State of the Union?

Was the 2011 SOTU a blatant rip-off of past speeches? Or simply banal?

Caption Contest Winners

The Gone With The Schwinn Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Calling Our Bluff