Stupid Takes From “Smart” People: Trump/FBI Edition

Tell us you don’t know anything about Federal Warrants without telling us you don’t know anything about Federal Warrants

January 6 vs BLM Riots

Shockingly, they’re not remotely equivalent.

More Kook Than Coup

A shameful farce continues to unfold.

Andrew Sullivan’s Complicated Legacy

The one-time wunderkind, blogging pioneer, and same-sex marriage champion is now on the outs.

Kevin Williamson Doesn’t Want Women Murdered and Doesn’t Belong at The Atlantic

Argumentation without the intent to persuade is masturbation, not journalism.

Kevin Williamson and the Limits of Polite Discourse

The Atlantic fired one of their few conservative voices for saying women who have abortions should be hanged. Was this beyond the pale?

Obama Derangement Syndrome At National Review?

Blaming Obama for the security bubble he travels in is, in the end, a pretty dumb argument.

Kevin Williamson: Hero Or Menace?

What is the appropriate response to someone who’s acting like a jerk?

Eggnog Gestapo?

Why the bureaucratic tyrants at the FDA regulate your yuletide drinks.

Political Advice For Romney: Act Like A Misogynistic, Plutocratic Jerk And You’ll Win The Election

National Review’s Kevin Williamson has some truly bizarre advice for Mitt Romney.

Openly Gay Romney Aide Resigns Amid Furor From Social Conservatives

Richard Grenell’s time as Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesman lasted less than a month. The fact that he’s gay appears to be the reason it ended.

The Right Must Abandon The “Obama Is Evil” Meme

If the Right clings to the belief that President Obama isn’t just wrong, but evil, it will likely end up handing the election to him.

Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations But Questions Remain

Herman Cain’s response to allegations of sexual harassment 20 years ago raise as many questions as they answer.

Rick Perry’s Not Really Flat Flat Tax Plan

Rick Perry’s tax plan isn’t very impressive.

The Utter Folly Of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” Plan

Now that he’s a top tier candidate, it’s hard to see how Herman Cain’s tax plan can withstand serious scrutiny.

The Death Of Anwar Al-Awlaki And The Imperial Presidency

Giving the President the unchecked power to kill American citizens raises some serious red flags.

Rick Perry’s Immigration Problem

Rick Perry’s immigration positions aren’t at all unreasonable, and that presents a problem for him inside the Republican Party.

Obama Administration Invokes “State Secrets” Defense In Assassination Lawsuit

The Obama White House is asserting that the President has the authority to issue assassination orders against American citizens, and that no Court has the authority to review his decision. If that doesn’t worry you, it should.

Bad Idea Of the Week: Sarah Palin For RNC Chair

The latest bad idea from some conservative pundits ? Sarah Palin for Chair of the Republican National Committee.