SOTU Thoughts

Biden did what he needed to do.

Headline(s) Reaction

And thoughts on swapping out Biden.

Dean Phillips to Focus on White House Bid, Will not Seek Re-election to House

More importantly, comments on challenges to incumbent presidents.

Geert Wilders ‘Wins’ Dutch Elections

The trend toward hard-right parties continues.

Podcast Recommendation

Matthew Shugart on the Downballot.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 1

A real example of American exceptionalism.

On Spurious Majorities and Other Thoughts on Electoral System Critiques

Because sometimes the comment box is just too small.

An Observation about the 1980 Election

Added historical context to ongoing conversations about American democracy.

Canada and Single-Seat Plurality Elections

Canada has more parties than the US, but still suffers representation problems due to FPTP elections.

The CA Recall

The system is not defensible.

Some Additional Readings on Hungary (Tab Clearing)

For anyone who might be interested.

The Size of the US House of Representatives

It hasn’t changed in over 100 years (but the population sure has).

Our Political Reality

Voting ourselves out of this mess is not so easy

Speaking of Reform

Let me point you to a reform proposal.

Are Electors Free to Choose?

SCOTUS and “faithless electors.”

The Magnitude of Sanders’ Win

It comports with the polling.

The US’ Nonhierarchical Parties

Lack of control of label is lack of control, ultimately, of a party.

What Does “Winning” Iowa Mean?

The obsession over a singular winner ultimately makes no sense.

The SOTU Folderol

Thoughts on politics and constitutional powers.

On German Democracy

Negotiations over government formation is not a crisis.

The Roy Moore Case and the Nature of US Political Parties

The Moore situation illustrates the nonhierarchical nature of US parties. This is nothing new.

No, the Party can’t “Do Something” about Trump

The nature of US parties means that Trump more or less is the GOP at the moment, and hence the GOP will do nothing about Trump.

Primary Turnout does not Predict November Outcomes

Primary turnout is not predictive of general election outcomes.

Noncompetitive House Elections

My ongoing crusade to spark thought and discussion on the quality of representation in the US Congress.

The Constitution and the SOTU

One could argue the constitutional requirements of the SOTU are fulfilled on an onging basis.

The Size of the House

Is 435 the right number?

Brits v. the Yanks

An Example of How Institutions Matter.

Some Basic Political Science Regarding Egypt

Some thoughts on the ongoing situation in Egypt.

Judging Presidents (and Thinking about Institutions)

Because sometimes poorly contructed observations can set a fellow to writing.

A Quote to Ponder (Partisanship and Governance Edition)

A bit of musing on parties, elections, and governance,

Guns and Self-Protection

Some musing on guns: who uses them, how, and why.

The State of the GOP

There is much to critique in Washington, but the nexus of the governance problem at the moment is the GOP.

Egypt’s “Stupid” Transition

Sequencing matters.

Teaching the Federalist Papers

If we taught the Federalist Papers more rigorously would that lead to a shared view of the constitution?

Are the GOP Delegate Allocation Rules Actually Proportional?

That word does not mean what you think it means (at least if you work in the mass media).

Representation in the House: The Wyoming Rule

One simple proposal on the size of the House of Representatives.