Obama’s State-Level Job Approval Polls And The 2012 Election

A new set of polls from Gallup show that President Obama is still looking good for re-election.

Ron Paul to Win CPAC Straw Poll Again!

Ron Paul is poised to win the CPAC Straw Poll. So what?

Idaho Resurrects Discredited Idea Of Nullification In Health Care Reform Battle

Republicans in Idaho are talking about resurrecting the foolish and discredited idea of nullification as a weapon in the fight against ObamaCare.

What If Roe v. Wade Were Reversed? Europe Offers A Guide

A somewhat surprising court decision from the European Union gives a glimpse of what the situation in the United States would be if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Geno Auriemma and John Wooden

Geno Auriemma and his UConn Huskies should rightly be enormously proud of their accomplishments. But comparing them to John Wooden’s is embarrassing.

Representation in the House: The Wyoming Rule

One simple proposal on the size of the House of Representatives.

435 Representatives: Unconstitutional?

Is Congress too small and unequal to do its job?

Alan Simpson Fights Back Against Deficit Commission Critics

Former Senator Alan Simpson is fighting back against the critics on the left and the right who are shooting down the Deficit Commission’s plan before it’s even been released.

What The Framers Meant

Is our Federal system a mere political compromise? Or were the Founding Fathers visionaries with a plan?

Alan Simpson: Cut Veteran Disability Payments

Aging Vietnam vets are being treated for diabetes and other ailments unrelated to their service on the taxpayers’ dime. We can’t afford it.

Against the Electoral College I: Disparity Amongst Citizens

The first in a multi-part series on the Electoral College.

Bush: Miss Me Yet?

Blue America!

Michigan Post Mortem

D.C. Snow Panic