Israel and the al-Shifa Hospital

It’s likely legal and almost certainly won’t matter.

Israel at War: It’s a Reckoning

A roundup of news and opinon.

Transwomen Banned from International Track and Field

A big reaction to a small problem.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Turkey Sending Banned Munitions to Ukraine

A controversial artillery round is being used effectively against Russian forces.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

It’s happened. What does it mean?

A Reminder about North Korea

And a reminder about how little the current POTUS understands.

India’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Colonial Era Anti-Gay Law

A significant advance for LGBT rights in the world’s most populous democracy.

Myanmar Sentences Reporters To Prison For Reporting On Rohingya Muslims

The military regime in Myanmar has sentenced two reporters to prison for reporting on the repression of the Rohingya Muslims.

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un, Dismisses Concerns About Human Rights Abuses

President Trump continues to dismiss concerns about Kim Jong Un’s brutality, and to lavish praise on a man who has a considerable amount of blood on his hands.

U.S. Opens Embassy In Jerusalem Amid Massive Deadly Protests In Gaza

Celebrations and a deadly day in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia Will Finally Allow Women To Drive Alone

Progress in Saudi Arabia, but there’s still a long way for this backward, discriminatory society to go.

Obama Announces End Of U.S. Arms Embargo Against Vietnam

On his trip to Hanoi, President announced the latest sign that the Vietnam War is finally something both nations have manged to put behind them.

Unprofitable Professors Getting Fired

Being a public intellectual doesn’t pay.

China Relaxes One Child Policy

China’s Communist Party has announced a significant change to the nation’s infamous “One Child” policy.

Report: U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11

A new report confirms that the United States did engage in torture in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Hamdan Conviction Overturned Years Too Late For Hamdan

Osama’s driver, who was convicted of only technical crimes, has had his conviction overturned on a technicality.

Did The United States Betray Chen Guangcheng?

What seemed like a diplomatic success has begun to unravel very quickly.

Obama Sending Troops to Fight Lord’s Resistance Army

Obama is trying to get into Guinness under “US President with Most Simultaneous Wars”

Colbert Super PAC, Citizens United, and Silly Election Laws

Stephen Colbert has been running an ongoing shtick in which he’s trying to start a political action committee, gets letters from his Viacom bosses poo-pooing the idea, and then inviting his lawyer on to explain ways to get around these concerns.

Libya Update: At Least 84 Dead, Possibly Hundreds

The crackdown in Libya is turning into a massacre.

Dozens Dead As Libya Cracks Down On Protesters

As in Baharain, the Libyan Government has reacted violently to the populist uprising sweeping the Arab world. The difference is the Libyans are doing it largely without anyone noticing

Is Internet Access A Human Right?

The events in Egypt have led some to ask if the mere act of cutting off access to the Internet is, in itself, an human rights violation.

CIA Bans Water-Boarding

Chinese Perestroika?