Congressional Typologies

Grouping House Members by their voting patterns.

Trump Fatigue

Fighting a cult of personality is exhausting.

House Passes Bipartisan Tax Bill

Will wonders never cease?

A Footnote to the McCarthy Resignation

McHenry has no more terms to give to his country.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

House Passes Laddered CR with Democratic Support

A second Republican Speaker has reached across the aisle to avert a government shutdown.

A Few Thoughts on the Election and Poll Interpretation

And, not surprisingly, about parties.

Jordan Strikes Out

Three increasingly-embarrassing defeats is all you get, apparently.

House GOP Drowning [UPDATED]

In a bathtub?

Politics as Sport

The game is the game.

Gaetz’ Gambit

What’s behind the sure-to-fail bid to oust his own party’s Speaker?

The Coming Government Shutdown

Why it’s inevitable and what it means.

The Biden Impeachment Tantrum

The inmates are running the asylum.

Signs of a Way Forward on Spending?

A shutdown may be averted after all.

War Criminal Employed by Congressional Republicans

Donald Trump is apparently not the only one with a fetish for war criminals.

The GOP’s MTG Reality

Setting the tone.

“Ukraine Fatigue Resolution”

Another bill doomed to die.

Education Politics

Inane, effective, and part of a far broader ideological debate.

Tabby Thursday

A little debt ceiling, a little higher ed, and other misc delights.

Weekend Leftovers

Some tab clearing.

Primaries and Party Evolution

Open access to party labels has consequences.

Spineless Coward Elected Speaker

After 15 votes and innumerable concessions, Kevin McCarthy is nominally in charge of the House of Representatives.

The GOP Clown Show

Just when you thought they couldn’t get more incompetent.

The Centrist Fantasy

Can moderate Republicans take back their party?

This Is Why I Don’t Like Gangster Movies

You have to be suspicious of people who enjoy gangster movies a bit too much.

Republican Efforts to Steal Election Were Widespread

Did we not already know this?

Republicans and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

A third of the party’s Members of Congress voted against a popular bill.

Gaetz’s Trouble Deepens

His partner in crime wrote it all down.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Stripped of Committee Assignments

House Democrats have done what their Republican colleagues refused to do.

House Judiciary Committee Opens Impeachment Hearings

The impeachment inquiry moves to the House judiciary Committee this morning.

Trump’s World Series Trip Greeted By Boos and Chants Of “Lock Him Up!”

It wasn’t exactly a warm reception for President Trump at last night’s World Series Game Five.

The Fundamental Dishonesty of the House GOP “Protest”

They know how Congress works, but are banking on the fact that many Americans don’t.

Republicans Grow Increasingly Desperate In Defense Of Trump

The GOP’s efforts to defend the President are becoming more desperate and pathetic by the day.

House Judiciary Committee Votes To Hold Attorney General Barr In Contempt

As expected, the House Judiciary Committee voted yesterday on party lines to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for refusing to turn over a full copy of the Mueller Report

House Votes 420-0 to Demand Public Release of Mueller Report

Sometimes symbolism is important. This is one of those times.