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Generals Against Obesity?


Some retired military officers have formed something called Mission: Readiness to highlight the impact of our unfit youth on national security. A group of retired military officers says high-calorie school lunches are threatening national security. A study by the group Mission: Readiness finds that school lunches are making American kids so fat that fewer of […]

What Big Stars You Have, General

General David Petraeus Super Bowl Stars Beret Photo

One of my work colleagues, a serving officer, noticed something odd last night in General David Petraeus’ turn as Super Bowl coin flipper:  Rather giant-sized stars on his beret: I’ve had difficulty locating similar shots of other 4-stars, since most tend to be photographed either sans headgear or wearing a soft cap or service cap.   […]

Ann Dunwoody First Woman Four-Star General

General Ann Dunwoody Photo

Ann Dunwoody has been nominated for a fourth star, making her the first woman to achieve that rank in American history. “This is an historic occasion for the Department of Defense and I am proud to nominate Lt. Gen. Ann Dunwoody for a fourth star,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Her 33 years of service, […]

Petraeus Fetishism


David Petraeus is a military superstar; he’s not commander-in-chief.

Rumsfeld Stopped Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in 2005


Donald Rumsfeld pulled the plug on a 2005 mission that might have taken out several top al Qaeda leaders for fear of alienating Pakistan, Mark Mazzetti reports in today’s NYT. A secret military operation in early 2005 to capture senior members of Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s tribal areas was aborted at the last minute after […]

Serving Officer Blasts Generals’ Failures


The current Armed Forces Journal features a devastating critique of America’s generals by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling, deputy commander of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Thomas Ricks runs down the highlights: An active-duty Army officer is publishing a blistering attack on U.S. generals, saying they have botched the war in Iraq and misled Congress about […]

Ehren Watada, Free Speech, and the Military


First Lieutenant Ehren Watada is being court martialled for making public remarks disparaging his chain of command. His attorneys say he’s covered by the 1st Amendment. Do military officers have the right to publicly voice dissent about their commander in chief and U.S. war policy? That question highlighted last week’s pretrial hearing at Ft. Lewis […]

Bargewell: Officers Covered Up Haditha Massacre


The preliminary report on the Haditha massacre concludes that Marine officers knowingly filed false reports to superiors who in turn failed to exercise due dilligence. The U.S. military investigation of how Marine commanders handled the reporting of events last November in the Iraqi town of Haditha, where troops allegedly killed 24 Iraqi civilians, will conclude […]

Bill Could Force Ex-Cole Skipper into Retirement


Commander Kirk Lippold, who skippered the U.S.S. Cole during its October 2000 attack by al Qaeda, could be forced to retire if a bill working its way through the Senate passes. A U.S. Senate committee is recommending changes in military promotion regulations that could force the former skipper of the Norfolk-based destroyer Cole out of […]

Serving Military Officers and the Rumsfeld Debate

After a couple of weeks of spotlighting a handful of retired generals who are unhappy with Donald Rumsfeld’s second stint as Defense Secretary, Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt apparently decided to see what serving officers think. The result is a front page piece in today’s NYT entitled, “Young Officers Join the Debate Over Rumsfeld.” While […]

Revolt of the Generals?


That a few retired generals have spoken criticially of SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld continues to gather a surprising amount of attention. The Washington Post‘s lead editorial today is entitled “The Generals’ Revolt” and carries the ominous subhead, “There are many reasons for Donald Rumsfeld to leave. Finger-pointing by retired officers shouldn’t be one.” The nut ‘graph: […]

Combat Briefing Badge (CBB)


The Army has authorized the Combat Briefing Badge (CBB) for PowerPoint Rangers operating in hostile fire zones. Army Unveils New Award (StrategyPage) Combat Briefing Badge (CBB) Recognizing the need for an award for troops assigned to headquarters units during combat operations, the Army today announced the approval of the Combat Briefing Badge, or CBB. “People […]

MG Ann Dunwoody Tapped for Third Star


Ann E. Dunwoody has been nominated for a third star and head of Army logistics. This would make her the Army’s top-ranking woman and the first three-star female in five years. Dunwoody tapped for third star; would become Army’s top-ranked woman (Army Times) Maj. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody has been nominated to become the senior […]