Is Western Civilization Real?

A scholarly treatise argues it is not.

[Image of a human brain] [Image of a human brain]

The Value Of Cultivating Some Self Doubt

Tips for how to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Roald Dahl Books Bowdlerized

A team of “sensitivity readers” has taken the bad thoughts out of some beloved children’s literature.

Line of the Day

Kushner book review edition.

Libraries and Book Banning

How much say should the community have in what’s included?

Is this Cancel Culture? (Unicorn Edition)

An irregualr, ongoing series.

[Maus & To Kill a Mocking Bird Books] [Maus & To Kill a Mocking Bird Books]

[Updated 1/31] Both Sides Are NOT the Same: “Banned” Book Edition

People, details do in fact matter!

Book Corner: The Three-Body Problem

A review and an invitation to discuss.

Book Review: Kill Switch

Discussing the filibuster.

Book Recommendation

Lee Drutman’s Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop

Naomi Wolf’s New Book a Complete Misunderstanding

An author’s greatest nightmare unfolded on live radio.

Robert Caro on Writing

The esteemed biographer on his process.

Trump’s Intellectuals?

A WaPo writer takes a round-about path to demonstrate the obvious.

Robert Caro’s Obligations to Readers

The 83-year-old is taking time off finishing his LBJ quintilogy to write his memoirs. Is that selfish?

The Incoherent Nature of Nancy MacLean’s Narrative

A Duke history professor uncovers “stealth plan” by “fifth columnists” who are seeking to overthrow democracy in the U.S. for their plutocrat masters.

Gates Insulted Obama Predicted Gates’ Actions

Dave Weigel has identified “The funniest part of Robert Gates’ very serious new memoir.”

Writing and Drinking

Many of America’s great writers were alcoholics.

Review: Bacevich’s Breach of Trust

My review of Andrew Bacevich’s latest book, Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country.

The Role of Editors

I have over the years been both editor and edited; currently, I’m both, often in the same day. Some thoughts on the relationship.

Katherine Applegate Wins Newbery Medal for ‘The One and Only Ivan’

Katherine Applegate, long suffering spouse of frequent OTB commenter Michael Reynolds, has been awarded the Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children for The One and Only Ivan.

David Frum Eviscerates Charles Murray’s Latest Book

David Frum begins a withering review for The Daily Beast, “Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is an important book that will have large influence. It is unfortunately not a good book.”

Levin Blogging

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Five

Taking a dive into Mark Levin’s view of Federalism.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Four

Examining Levin’s examination of the Constitution, jurisprudence, and property rights.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Three

In chapter three of Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin applies his typical standards of logic and evidence to matters of faith.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Two

The blogging of Mark Levin’s magnum opus continues.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part Two

Part two of the ongoing series blogging Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part One

I’m blogging Mark Levin’s Conservative Manifesto. Here’s part one…

Books For Men Who Don’t Read

Andy McNab writes books for people who like video games.

Dirty, Sexy Politics a Dreadful, Selfish Crime

It is impossible to read Dirty, Sexy Politics and come away with the impression that you have read anything other than the completely unedited ramblings of an idiot.

Age of Abundance