Does The Post Office Have A Future?

The Postal Service announced another round of service cutbacks today that are likely to just make the rapidity of its decline increase

Apple’s Odd New Patent And What It Says About Our Patent Laws

A new patent granted to Apple raises once again the question of how far patent protections should extend.

Wisconsin Recall: Republicans Hold 4 of 6, Senate

The second round of the rolling Wisconsin recall elections was held yesterday. The Republicans are still in charge.

Italy Raids S&P, Moody

Lost in the hubbub of S&P downgrading the US bond rating is news that the Italian government has the ratings agencies under criminal investigation.

Privatizing The Post Office Is The Only Way To Save It

We are being warned once again that the Postal Service is on the verge of financial collapse. There really is only one solution.

News as a Public Good

Real news reporting has never paid for itself. But the days of it being subsidized by the local car dealer are rapidly ending.

TV Ratings Myths

Demographic information about TV viewers is worthless to advertisers.

The Case Against Public Sector Unions

It’s time to end the ability of public sector labor unions to hold taxpayers hostage.

Wisconsin Teacher Showdown

Neither side is covering themselves in glory in the battle over the Badger State budget.

Obama’s Propaganda Machine

The White House Press Office produces a blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and daily video programming.

Why American News Networks Stink

Al Jazeera English is kicking the butts of the American news networks on the Egypt story. Why?

James Clyburn Uses Arizona Shootings To Call For Return Of “Fairness Doctrine”

The political firestorm that has erupted in the wake of the shootings in Arizona is drifting, inevitably, into calls for more government control over the content of speech.

Natural Monopolies

No, Net Neutrality Is Not A Government Takeover Of The Internet

Contrary to current conservative talking points, Net Neutrality is not a nefarious government scheme to takeover the Internet, but is aimed to address a real problem. Like most ideas that involve the government, though, it doesn’t really address the real source of the problem; not enough freedom

FCC Adopts Net Neutrality Rules, Neither Side Happy

The Federal Communications Commission is using a statute from the 1930s to try to regulate the technology of the 21st Century. It’s a mistake.

USPS Loses $ 8.5 Billion, Warns Of Bankruptcy

The U.S. Postal Service is warning Congress that it could run out of cash next year without a government bailout. Meaning that this is the perfect opportunity to reform an organization that has been out-of-date for a decade now.

Prop 19 Loses Big

Despite the Democrats sweeping quite literally every statewide office in California, Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization ballot issue, lost by 10 points.

Buckley to Breitbart?

Is Andrew Breitbart the new William F. Buckley, Jr?

Google Search Results Rigged?

Is Google manipulating its search results to keep competitors down? And does its market dominance mean the government should step in?

Blog Bubble Bursting?

Is the blog bubble bursting? Only if you’re innumerate.

Football 1959

Krugman on Lehman