Gridlock is not a Feature, it is a Bug

Gridlock doesn’t mean government stops. It just shifts who is governing.

When Should Generals Resign in Protest?

Elected representatives, not soldiers, make policy. But there are times when generals should make a stand.

Breaking: Life Hard for Military Spouses Wanting Careers

You can either have a career in a white shoe law firm or marry a military officer. Pick one.

Petraeus Hindsight Bias

As is often the case with sex scandals, pretty much everything ever written about General David Petraeus takes on an ironic double meaning in hindsight.

Tammy Smith: America’s First Openly Gay General

Tammy Smith has been promoted to brigadier general, thus becoming the first American general officer who also happens to be openly gay.

No, We Don’t Need To Bring Back The Draft

Once again, a pundit has come up with the boneheaded idea of reinstating the draft.

Fixing the Army (By Ruining It)

Thomas Ricks posts several recommendations for fixing the Army. Most of them are really, really stupid.

Calling Out Pundits And Politicians When They’re Wrong

Why do pundits who are consistently wrong keep getting invited to be on television?

Post-Gaddafi Libya

Is NATO prepared for what happens when they win?

John F. Kennedy The Worst President Of The 20th Century?

Thomas Ricks makes the case that JFK was the worst President of his century but his argument misses the mark.

New Book Criticizes Old War College

Howard Wiarda’s book on the National War College is based on his experiences from 1991 to 1996.

The Army and Change

General Donn Starry and the Army of the 1970s.

Civil War Park Battles

The rebel and onion armies showed grose negligence by having many of their battles right inside national parks, like Gettysburg.

Military-Academic Conflict

America’s war colleges have some problems but we can’t close them.

Libya Exit Strategy

Tom Ricks doesn’t understand why we need an exit strategy in Libya.

Gun Rights and Crazy People

We have laws preventing the sales of gun to crazy people. We’re not enforcing them very well.

Public Service and Skin in the Game

Thomas Ricks laments that the combination of the all-volunteer military and lower top marginal rates mean that the wealthy have “checked out of America and moved into physical and mental gated communities.” To solve this problem, he proposed bringing back the draft.

Free Speech For Soldiers and Government Employees?

Should members of the Armed Forces and other public employees have the same rights under the 1st Amendment as the rest of us? Or should they be more like journalists?

Afghanistan Is Not Like Iraq, Even If The Same General Is In Charge

The odds that David Petraeus will be able to pull off a miracle in Afghanistan like he did in Iraq are very slim.

Petraeus’ War

Live Blogging Petraeus

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