America’s Jobs Crisis

Everyone’s talking about jobs again. And it’s not a pretty picture.

Revised Deportation Policy Focuses On Violent Criminals, National Security Threats

Under new policies, deportation efforts will be concentrated on people who pose a threat to society. It’s a sensible policy, so of course it’s being denounced.

Illegal Immigration From Mexico At Lowest Level In Nearly 60 Years

Illegal immigration from Mexico is down substantially, and it has nothing to do with all those anti-immigration laws.

A Nations of Immigrants with a Dumb Immigration Policy

Canada is much friendlier than the United States with regard to immigration.

The Radicalness of Alleged Conservatives

In all honesty, much of what is coming out of the mouths of self-described conservatives is actually pretty darn radical.

Andrew Sullivan: 18 Years To Get A Green Card

It took Andrew Sullivan 18 years to get his request for Permanent Resident status approved. That’s just absurd.

Hillary, Hugo, and that Diplomacy Thing

Diplomacy means having to be nice.

Multifunction credit cards Multifunction credit cards

Credit Cards Going High Tech

New multifunction credit cards will soon change the way Americans handle simple transactions.

The High Cost of Immigration Enforcement

Both Congress and the Obama Administration have stepped up enforcement of immigration laws–at immense cost to both the budget and the courts.

Iroquois Passports OK in UK, Not USA

The Iroquois lacrosse team has been caught in a classic Catch-22. The U.S. government won’t recognize their passports and they won’t use U.S. passports as a matter of principle.

Tom Lantos Dies at 80