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Biden at Kopp’s Custard Stand


Joe Biden got a free custard and some unsolicited political advice.

Obama: Watch This Drive!


Memeorandum juxtaposes two stories, a Politico piece quoting President Obama saying the Gulf oil spill “echoes 9/11” and a Hill report on his four-hour golf outing in what I can testify was oppressive heat.  Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft summarizes the two with a single word:  “Leadership.” This is mildly amusing, I suppose, especially in light […]

Elena Kagan and Military Recruiting


As Doug Mataconis predicted yesterday, the opening gambit of conservatives seeking a reason to deny Elena Kagan confirmation to the Supreme Court is to charge that she’s hostile to the military, as demonstrated by her decision as dean of Harvard Law School to deny military recruiters the right to officially visit the campus because the […]

John Patrick Bedell: RIGHT Wing Extremist?!


It appears that a counterintuitive meme is spreading:  John Patrick Bedell, who was killed while he opened fire at the Pentagon Metro stop, was a right-wing extemist. So says Christian Science Monitor‘s Peter Grier, in a piece subtlety headlined “John Patrick Bedell: Did right-wing extremism lead to shooting?” John Patrick Bedell, whom authorities identified as […]

6% Believe Stimulus Created Jobs


Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft and The Hill‘s Walter Alarkon have found an interesting statistic in a week-old CBS/NYT poll: “just 6 percent of Americans believe that [Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package]created jobs, even though independent economists estimate that it has saved or created more than 1 million jobs.” That’s pretty amazing since, Jason Mattera tweets, […]

Amy Bishop’s Politics

Socialist Party Logo

Glenn Reynolds, Stacy McCain, Jim Hoft, Lonely Conservative and others continue to point to rather thin evidence that UAH mass murderer Amy Bishop was a “socialist.”  She went to Harvard after all.  And one kid on a prof rating website called her one.   QED! As I’ve previously noted, her politics seem rather irrelevant.  Certainly, […]

Obama Less Popular Than Bush?


George W. Bush left office as one of the most despised presidents in American history.  Could Barack Obama actually be less popular? Rasmussen says so: “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. […]

Riots at Town Hall Meetings


The theme of Wednesday’s edition of OTB Radio was “Crazy Politics.” Spurred by the bitterness of recent discussion threads on seemingly innocuous topics, Dave Schuler and I wondered where it was all headed. Well, we got a pretty good clue last night. Six people were arrested last night in St. Louis  after one of the […]

Bush Iraq Trip: Hit by Shoes, Cheered by Troops


President Bush made a surprise farewell visit to Iraq and Afghanistan, suffering the indignity of having an Iraqi journalist hurl his shoes at him but being greeted warmly by American troops. Sudarsan Raghavan and Dan Eggen for WaPo: In Iraq, Bush said the conflict “has not been easy” but was necessary for U.S. security, Iraqi […]