Dianne Feinstein, 1933-2023

A trailblazer is gone at 90.

Most Americans Support Ban On Assault Weapons And Other Gun Control Measures

Another poll in the wake of this month’s mass shootings shows increased support for several gun control measures. That doesn’t mean Congress will act, though.

Poll Shows Increased Support For Gun Control Measures, But Will It Last?

In the wake of the back-to-back shootings in Texas and Ohio, a new poll shows increased support for some gun control measures. But we’ve been here before.

Federal Judge Upholds Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban

Another Federal Court loss for gun rights activists challenging state laws banning “assault weapons.”

Did Trump Really Move Left On Guns? Don’t Count On It

President Trump appeared to change positions on several gun control ideas, but he probably doesn’t mean it.

Are Laws Banning ‘Assault Weapons’ Unconstitutional? According To Four Federal Courts Of Appeal, They Aren’t.

Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in District of Columbia v. Heller four separate Federal appellate courts have ruled that state and local laws banning “assault weapons” do not violate the Second Amendment.

Major Republican Donor Will Only Support Candidates Who Back Assault Weapon Ban

Al Hoffman Jr., a Florida-based real estate developer who was a leading fund-raiser for George W. Bush’s campaigns, said he would seek to marshal support among other Republican political donors for a renewed assault weapons ban.

Twenty-Six Killed In South Texas Church Massacre

Another mass shooting.

Majority Of Americans Oppose Ban On So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’ According To New Poll

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans oppose a ban on so-called ‘assault weapons,’ a marked change from two decades ago.

Court Declines To Hear Case Involving Chicago Suburb’s Assault Weapons Ban

The Supreme Court has declined to accept an appeal challenging a law barring certain types of so-called ‘assault weapons’ in a Chicago suburb.

The US Senate, Where Down is Up

The filibuster is now so commonplace that it’s baked into the expectations.

Further Thoughts On Gun Control And Voter Intensity

The politics of gun control is not nearly as easy as its supporters believe it to be.

Manchin-Toomey Background Checks Bill In Trouble

The prospects for gun control appear to be dimming.

Feinstein: Veterans Shouldn’t Be Exempt From Assault Weapons Ban—Because PTSD

California’s senior senator comes to the right conclusion through the wrong reasoning.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Quark Side Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The GOP’s Problems Aren’t Just About “Messaging”

The GOP isn’t going to solve it’s problems solely by concentrating on “messaging.”

Bill Clinton Warns Democrats Against Overreaching On Gun Debate

Bill Clinton has a warning for his fellow Democrats.

Obama’s Gun Control Plan DOA In Congress?

Despite the push it’s likely to receive, most of President Obama’s gun control proposals will barely even see the light of day in Congress.

The Politics Of Gun Control

Based on the polls, the odds of some changes to America’s gun control laws will become law. It’s unlikely they’ll accomplish anything, though.

Gun Control Proponents Are About To Face Political Reality

The ultimate impact of the Newtown tragedy on the nation’s gun laws is likely to be very limited.

The N.R.A.’s Bizarre Response To The Sandy Hook Shootings

The NRA’s response to the Sandy Hook shootings was bizarre to say the least.

Are Mass Shootings Really On The Rise?

Obsessive media coverage makes us believe mass shootings are far more common than they actually are.

Debunking The Fast & Furious Gun Control Conspiracy

There’s no evidence that Fast & Furious, whatever it was, was a conspiracy to lobby for tighter gun control laws.