Hamas Accepts Ceasefire That’s Almost Certainly Unacceptable to Israel

Neither side is willing to give up on its war aims just yet.

Will Biden’s Israel Policy Matter in November?

Many Democrats are worried about the fallout.

US Preparing for Iranian Retaliatory Strike

The dance continues.

President Joe Biden, Oval Office, 4 April 2024 President Joe Biden, Oval Office, 4 April 2024

Biden Ratchets Up Pressure on Israel

A two-level game where unconditional support has conditions.

IDF Drone Strikes Kill International Aid Workers

A tragedy on multiple levels.

UN Security Council Demands Immediate Gaza Ceasefire

The United States abstained but did not exercise its veto power.

Red Lines

The perils of speaking loudly while carrying a small stick.

Netanyahu Doesn’t Care About World Opinion

Israel’s prime minister is defying red lines and humanitarian concerns.

Biden’s Gaza Dilemma

Some Democrats are threatening to sit November out.

Israel vs the World in Rafah

Netanyahu is defying the international community.

US Considering Recognizing Palestine

But probably won’t.

Wider Middle East War Appears Inevitable

Israel and Iran’s proxies are on a collision course.

Biden and Netanyahu at Odds Over Gaza War

The inevitable has happened.

What Next in Gaza?

The cease-fire will end. What follows is not at all clear.

Israel Agrees to Pause in Exchange for Hostage Release

Hamas gets rewarded for its crimes.

Heads of UN Agencies Call for Israeli Ceasefire

The laws of armed conflict aren’t designed for this war.

The (American) Politics of Israel-Palestine

Pick a side. No nuance allowed.

Israel Presses On Amid Calls for Ceasefire

Hamas continues to cynically manipulate the world’s humanitarian impulses.

Israeli Ground Offensive Underway

What comes next is anyone’s guess.

The Fine Line Between Supporter and Co-Belligerent

America’s involvement in the Israeli and Ukrainian war efforts is more than advertised.

A Foreign Policy Election?

A competent leader versus a lunatic would seem an easy choice. Alas.

Biden in Israel in Aftermath of Hospital Explosion

The timing is not auspicious.

President Joe Biden disembarks Air Force One, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Morrisville, North Carolina. President Joe Biden disembarks Air Force One, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Morrisville, North Carolina.

President Biden to Visit Israel

A high-stakes move.

Ending Hamas

What does “complete victory” look like?

Israel Forms Unity Government to Avenge Hamas Atrocities

Amid warnings of war crimes, no mercy is forthcoming.

Israel-Hamas War Update

The killing goes on.

Israel at War: It’s a Reckoning

A roundup of news and opinon.

Israel at War after Gaza Attack

The 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war sees a re-escalation.

Israel is Revolting

The Netanyahu government is facing massive strikes and protests over its latest authoritarian moves.

Netanyahu Returns as Israel’s Premier

The corrupt leader is back for a sixth term.

On the Number of Parties 2: Basic Counting, Part 2

This time: some multi-party examples.

Netanyahu Finally Out, But for How Long?

Israel’s long national nightmare is over. Or is it?

Israel’s Wanton Aggression

A reckless campaign of violence has now targeted American journalists.

Natanz Bombing More Effective Than Thought

Thousands of centrifuges have been destroyed.

Natanz Sidelined by Another Israeli Attack

Iran’s top nuclear facility is offline again.

Netanyahu Survives Likud Leadership Challenge

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu easily survived a challenge for leadership of the Likud Party.

Netanyahu Faces Challenge For Likud Party Leadership

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a challenge for the leadership of the party he’s headed for more than a decade.

Israel Headed To Third Election In A Year

Having failed to form governments after two successive elections, Israel is headed for a third election inside of a year.

Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Multiple Charges

After a year of controversy and investigation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicated on charges of fraud and bribery.

Gantz Unable To Form New Government, Israeli Politics Becomes More Chaotic

Blue & White Party Leader Benny Gantz was unable to form a new government, throwing Israel into another political crisis.

Trump Ignores International Law, Hands Israel Another Gift

Reversing decades of policy, the Trump Administration reversed decades of policy on settlements in disputed territory.

Netanyahu Fails In Effort To Form New Israeli Government

After a close election, Benjamin Netanyahu has given up on his effort to form a government.

Netanyahu Gets First Crack At Forming New Israeli Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is getting the first shot at forming a new government. Whether he’ll succeed or not is another story.

Netanyahu Joins Chief Rival In Call For Unity Government

With election results showing his Likud Party falling short of a majority, Benjamin Netanyahu is joining his chief rival in vallsfor a unity government. Getting there would be complicated, though,

Israeli Election Too Close To Call

As many expected, the initial returns from the Israeli elections are too close to call.

Netanyahu Throws Peace Process Out The Window

Faced with an election next week, Israel’s Prime Minister is pushing a settlement plan that would be an utter disaster.

Alliance Between Netanyahu And Trump Making Support For Israel A Partisan Issue

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s actions toward two Democratic Congresswomen,seemingly at the bidding of President Trump, is the latest example of the growing partisan divide over policy toward Israel.

At Trump’s Urging, Netanyahu Bars Two Members Of Congress From Entering Israel

After urging from President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has barred two Muslim-American Congressmen from visiting Israel. It is a foolish and outrageous decision.

Iran Surpasses Another JCPOA Limit

Iran announced that it was exceeding another limitation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, upping the already tense situation in the Persian Gulf