Federal Court Legalizes Compensation For Bone Marrow Donors

A new ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals raises a host of questions.

GOP National Security Debate Live Blog

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Republican national security debate over at RealClearWorld along with a solid team of foreign policy analyst

The Utter Folly Of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” Plan

Now that he’s a top tier candidate, it’s hard to see how Herman Cain’s tax plan can withstand serious scrutiny.

Conservative Pundits Continue Their Obsession With Chris Christie

Some pundits on the right can’t seem to quit Chris Christie.

Jon Hunstman Unveils A Tax Plan You Ought To Be Paying Attention To

Jon Huntsman is out with a tax and jobs plan that deserves a lot more attention than it’s likely to get.

Jon Huntsman: Moderate Who’s Really Conservative?

That a popular two-term governor of Utah is being rejected by likely Republican primary voters as insufficiently conservative shows just how extreme American politics has gotten.

Revised Deportation Policy Focuses On Violent Criminals, National Security Threats

Under new policies, deportation efforts will be concentrated on people who pose a threat to society. It’s a sensible policy, so of course it’s being denounced.

Mitt Romney Is Right: Corporations Are [Made Up Of] People

Although he didn’t get the words quite right yesterday, Mitt Romney was exactly right about corporations.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Parts Of Arizona Campaign Finance Law

Another major campaign finance case from the Supreme Court.

Republicans At A Foreign Policy Crossroads

For the first time since the end of World War II, the GOP is wrestling with two diametrically opposed visions of foreign affairs.

Militarization of Police

David Rittgers, a legal policy analyst at the Cato Institute who served three tours in Afghanistan as a special forces officer, laments the militarization of police in America.

11th Circuit Judges Skeptical Of Constitutionality Of Affordable Care Act

It was a good day in Court for opponents of the Affordable Care Act.

Health Care Costs And The Third-Party Payer Problem

How insurance makes health care more expensive

Rand Paul’s Pointless Gimmick: The Gas Tax Holiday

Rand Paul has borrowed a bad idea from the 2008 Presidential campaign.

The Problem with the Ryan Plan

The bottom line is that the problem with the Ryan Plan is the Ryan Plan.

Where Did The Antiwar Movement Go?

The antiwar movement has been strangely silent despite the fact that U.S. foreign policy hasn’t really changed that much since Barack Obama became President.

Abortion Funding ≠ Abortion Rights

Critics of the GOP’s efforts to restrict Federal funding of abortion and related services confuse the concept of the right to have an abortion with the idea that someone has a claim on taxpayer dollars.

The New York Times Discovers That Corporate Speech Isn’t A Bad Idea After All

New York Times writer Adam Liptak discovers that a Supreme Court decision protecting “corporate speech” might not be a bad thing considering that he works for a corporation.

State Of The Union Seating: Phony Theatrics For Pointless Theater

Bipartisan seating at the State Of The Union is a pointless act of political theater. Then again, so is the State Of The Union Address itself.

Mom Files Lawsuit To Stop Child From Forcing Her To Buy Happy Meals

A woman in California has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s because she is apparently unable to resist her child’s incessant demands for a Happy Meal.

Further Thoughts On The Repeal Amendment

Further thoughts on a rather radical proposed Amendment to the Constitution, prompted by a link from Instapundit.

The Tea Party And Foreign Policy

Will the incoming “Tea Party” caucus in the House and Senate force the GOP to reconsider its views on foreign policy? Don’t count on it.

Feds Seek Broad Authority To Wiretap Internet Communications

If the Obama Administration gets it’s way, your secure Internet communications won’t really be all that secure.

Federal Workers Earn Twice Private Sector Counterparts?

The average federal government employee earns twice as much as the average private sector worker. An outrage? Not so much.

Did Income Taxes Send LeBron James To Miami ?

Did LeBron James pick Miami because of income taxes ? Probably not.

Michael Steele: Afghanistan Is A “War Of Obama’s Choosing”

The Chairman of the RNC is expressing doubts about America’s war effort in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court: Christian Group Can’t Exclude Gays While Accepting Public Funds

Once again, the Supreme Court affirmed today that there is no Constitutional right to receive public funds.

Time For A Fat President ?

Is it time to elect a President that doesn’t have that “lean and hungry look” ?

Routine Emergencies

Economic Hysteria

Ron Paul, Racist?

Ron Paul’s newsletters are proof either that he’s a racist or a fraud.