Bill de Blasio Running For President For Some Reason

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has entered the race for the Democratic nomination for President, making him the 23rd candidate in an already crowded field.

Thad Cochran and Charlie Rangel Survive Primary Challenges

Incumbency is a powerful advantage.

The Dumbest Argument for Restoring the Draft Yet

Dana Milbank offers a nonsensical reason for denying our youth the freedom to choose their own path.

US Congress War Criminal Free

An ode to one-term Congressman Allen West.

Bring Congress Back? Only If There’s Something Constructive To Do

Should President Obama call Congress back into session? Not if there’s nothing to do he shouldn’t.

Why Weiner?

Good riddance to Anthony Weiner. But what makes him so special?

Moast Loathesome Americans

The Beast has released its The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010, which I gather is supposed to be amusing rather than taken seriously.

Ethics Committee Recommends Censure For Charlie Rangel

Less than expulsion, but more than a slap on the wrist. The House Ethics Committee recommends that New York Congressman be censured for cheating on his taxes and breaking the rules of Congress.

Rangel Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations

Charlie Rangel has been found guilty of 11 violations of House ethics rules.

After A Bizarre Day, Rangel Ethics Trial Ends

There was bound to be entertainment during Charlie Rangel’s Ethics Committee hearing, and the Harlem Congressman did not disappoint this morning.

Lame Duck Congresses And The Constitution

While not inherently unconstitutional, lame duck Congresses have the potential for violating the spirit of the Constitution and create the potential for mischief on the part of Representatives who have been thrown out of office.

VFW Endorses Non-Vet Over Allen West, Retired LTC

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has endorsed Ron Klein, who never served a day in uniform, over retired LTC Allen West, a decorated veteran of several foreign wars. Is this an outrage?

Palin Taking Heat For Defense Of Dr. Laura

Sarah Palin’s decision to jump to the defense of “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger has many Republicans confused as to what her plans for the future are.

Obama: Time For Rangel to End Career With Dignity

While Congressional Democrats are being careful not to dance on Charlie Rangel’s grave, President Obama is showing no such compunction.

Why Charlie Rangel Will Likely Survive

Despite facing a thirteen-count ethics complaint, Charlie Rangel probably isn’t going anywhere.

Reflects Creditably on the House

The requirement that “members act at all times in a way that reflects creditably on the House” has a parallel in the UCMJ’s “conduct unbecoming” clause.

Charles Rangel Hit With 13 Charges Of Ethics Violations

It was another bad day for Charlie Rangel, but something tells me he’s going to be just fine.

Charles Rangel Facing Ethics Charges

Charles Rangel, who recently stepped aside as Chairman of House Ways And Means Committee, is facing ethics charges.

The Mommy Slur

Draft Debate Redux

Ahmed Ali Roundup

Beltway Traffic Jam

Rangel Arrested