OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Beer Goggles Not Included Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Jawa Report Turns 10

Blogging has changed much over the last decade, and not all for the good.

Did Special Forces Snipers Kill Americans After Katrina?

A former Navy SEAL charges that Blackwater snipers killed American citizens in New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.

Not The Singularity: New Blog, Old Bloggers

Longtime blogger Steve Hynd has launched a new group blog called Not The Singularity.

Elmo Sex Scandal: Not A Crime, Just Creepy

Kevin Clash was falsely accused of having sex with an underage boy. He merely had sex with a boy who was too young.

Republican SEALs Oppose Obama, Film at 11

Two groups of former special operations soldiers are opposing Obama. Their military bonafides are not their most interesting credentials.

Military Lets Troops Wear Uniforms for Gay Pride Parade

In a stunning reversal of policy, DOD is allowing soldiers to march in a gay pride parade in uniform.

Left Made Anders Behring Breivik Do It!

A European anti-Muslim blogger observes, ‘It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik is one of us.'”

Elderly Patients Dying Of Thirst In British Hospitals

The Care Quality Commission has found widespread neglect of elderly patients in the British National Health Service.

Terry Jones and What We’re Fighting For

The duty to defend “hateful, extremely disrespectful, and enormously intolerant” expression.

GE Paid Taxes in 2010 After All

The story that GE paid zero taxes last year despite mega-billion dollar profits is completely untrue.

Welcome to Wisconsin (A Division of Koch Industries)

A Welcome to Wisconsin sign with another sign saying “A Division of Koch Industries” is going around Twitter.

Obama’s War: 575 American KIA on His Watch

As many American soldiers have died in Afghanistan under Obama as under Bush.

Obama’s Shadow War on Terror

Barack Obama has significantly widened his predecessor’s global war on terrorism, even if he’s no longer calling it that.

Taliban Monkey Terrorists

The Taliban have a new secret weapon: Monkey terrorist soldiers.

What About Yemen?

GM vs. Afghanistan

Blogging the World

Abolish The CIA?