Poll: Americans Support Sacrifice For Others, Not Themselves

A new poll finds strong support for raising taxes on other people and staunch opposition to cutting programs that benefit themselves.

2012 Pollster Rankings: Rasmussen And Gallup Among The Least Accurate

There are some expected and unexpected results in Nate Silver’s review of pollster accuracy in 2012.

The Romney Campaign Was Full Of Poll Denialists

If the Romney campaign looked shocked on Election Night, that’s because they didn’t believe the polls either.

So What Did Silver Opponent Jay Cost Have to Say?

More griping about poor analysis.

Has Nate Silver Ruined Politics?

Is the triumph of political forecasting good for our democracy?


UnSkewed No More

One More about the UnSkewed v. Reality Discussion

Wherein I get a bit petty (but to make a point and, maybe just because it amuses me).

The UnSkewed Trend

In just four day the UnSkewed prediction has moved Obamaward.

On Election Eve, The Race Is Close But Obama Has The Advantage

The 2012 Election promises to be close in the Popular Voter, but President Obama still retains an Electoral College advantage.

Virginia Now Leans Obama

Democrats Barack Obama and Tim Kaine have gained momentum in Virginia in weekend polling.

Republicans, The Latino Vote, And Immigration

Republicans are going to get trounced among Latino voters tomorrow, and they only have themselves to blame.

Interpretation, Art, and Analysis

The analyst actually wants to understand and be correct far more than he or she wants their preferences to prevail in the analysis

Math, Damned Math, and Statistics

How Obama can have a 75 percent chance of winning an election despite being essentially tied in the polls:

Romney Running Out Of Time In Ohio And Elsewhere

Mitt Romney has ground to make up if he’s going to catch the President and there’s not much time left to do it.

Romney Has An Advantage Among Independents

Mitt Romney has an advantage among self-identified Independents that makes writing him off at this point inadvisable.

Rasmussen’s 2012 Polling Has Had A Republican Bias All Year

As in 2010, Scott Rasmussen’s polling in 2012 has shown a distinct bias in favor of Republicans.