Obama Approval at Record Low

47 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s performance.

The Six States That Will Likely Decide The 2012 Election

Six states are likely to decide the 2012 election.

So Apparently Birtherism Is Still A Thing

Disturbingly large percentages of Republicans still don’t think the President was born here.

Republican Candidates Trailing Obama Among Hispanics By Wide Margin

A new poll shows just how badly the GOP is doing among Hispanic voters.

A Santorum Surge? Or, A Statistical Blip?

A new poll shows Santorum surging ahead of Mitt Romney nationally

Low Turnout A Sign Of Burnout?

Are the American people tuning out of politics altogether?

Signs Of A Big Romney Win In Florida

Mitt Romney seems headed for a big, and important, victory tomorrow in Florida.

Obama Presidency Still Polarizing, Bipartisanship Still Dead

American politics is as polarized as ever, and it shows no signs of changing regardless of who wins in November.

Romney And Gingrich Neck And Neck In Florida

It’s pretty much a dead heat in Florida between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

America Hates Newt

Newt Gingrich has amazingly high unfavorables.

40 Percent of Americans Identify as Independents; 10 Percent Actually Independents

A record number of Americans don’t consider themselves a member of either party.

Romney Leads Paul, Santorum Surges, In Final DMR Iowa Poll

Romney, Paul, Santorum. The last set of Iowa frontrunners seems to be set.

Obama Approval Surging

Don’t look now but President Obama’s approval ratings are closing in on levels that point to re-election.

Gingrich No Longer Frontrunner

Newt Gingrich has fallen into a statistical tie with Mitt Romney in the latest Gallup poll, mirroring his decline in other recent surveys.

How To Read Polls

Is The Gingrich Surge Petering Out?

Signs that Newt Gingrich’s rise may be faltering.

Poll: Americans Want Free Stuff

A shocking new polls shows that most Americans would like to receive Social Security and not pay for it.

Gingrich Clear Frontrunner; Can’t Beat Obama

The former Speaker has the biggest lead of any candidate thus far in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Americans Fear Big Government More Than Big Business

A new Gallup poll indicates that it is Big Government, not Big Business, that most concerns the American public.

Obama Leading Romney And Gingrich In Florida And So. Carolina?

A lesson in why the topline poll numbers are often only the beginning of the puzzle.

American Voters Still Schizophrenic When It Comes To Congress

Once again, Americans hate Congress but seem to love their Congressperson.

Bad Economic News Spelling Bad News For POTUS

There aren’t many glad tidings at the White House these days.

Republicans Shying Away From Attacking Obama Personally

GOP officials are reluctant to resurrect the personal attacks against the President used during the 2008 campaign.

Gingrich Nearly Tied With Romney In New Hampshire? Don’t Be So Sure Just Yet

A new poll appears to show Newt Gingrich surging in New Hampshire, but there are several caveats to take into account.

Occupy Wall Street Now Less Popular Than Tea Party Movement

Public opinion on the Occupy movement has turned increasingly sour.

Occupy Nearly as Unpopular as Tea Party

A new poll shows a plurality of people now have an unfavorable view of the Occupy movement.