Report: 70% Of Soldiers Support DADT Repeal

New details are out about the upcoming Defense Department report on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Majority Of Active Duty Military Don’t Oppose Gays In Military

One of the last arguments against allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the military — that active duty military would be unable to serve alongside them — appears to have no empirical support.

U.S. Military Operations Having Little Impact On Taliban

The military surge in Afghanistan appears to be having little impact on the Taliban.

Wikileaks Releases Treasure Trove Of Iraq War Documents

In what is being described as the largest leak of secret documents in U.S. history, Wikileaks has made public more than 400,000 documents related to the seven year long Iraq War.

Wikileaks Didn’t Reveal That Many Secrets, SecDef Says

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates acknowledged in a newly released letter that the Wikileaks Afghan War document dump wasn’t as damaging as the Pentagon initially claimed. So what was the uproar all about?

Senate Fails To Invoke Cloture On Defense Bill, DADT Repeal

The effort to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell suffered a setback in the Senate today that likely delays any further moves on the issue until after the midterm elections.

The Godfather Presidency

One Republican analyst thinks that President Obama could learn a few leadership lessons from Vito and Michael Corleone. In order to do that, though, the President would need to stop acting like the weakest of the Corleone brothers.

Gates: Most Revolutionary SECDEF Since McNamara

Robert Gates has been a reluctant Secretary of Defense but his impact at the Pentagon has been tremendous.

Why Won’t Pentagon Help WikiLeaks?

Glenn Greenwald asks, “Why won’t the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents?” For the same reason we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Obama’s War: 575 American KIA on His Watch

As many American soldiers have died in Afghanistan under Obama as under Bush.

Gates Says He Wants To Leave Pentagon in 2011

Robert Gates says he wants to retire next year, but will the call of duty cause him to stay longer ?

Taxing Millionaires

A special tax rate for millionaires wouldn’t raise much additional revenue but it would make journalists feel better.

Pentagon Can’t Account for $8.7 Billion in Iraqi Funds; No Records at all for $2.6 Billion

The Pentagon can not account for 95 percent of the Iraq oil revenue from 2004 to 2007.

Investigation Finds No Wrong Doing In Alvin Greene’s Senate Run

Where did Alvin Greene get the $ 10,000 for his Senate filing fee ? He got from you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer !

Pentagon Tightens Media Access Rules

It’s going to be much harder for reporters to get access to the military thanks to new rules announced last night by the Pentagon.

McChrystal vs. Shinseki

Is there a double standard in play when generals criticize Democratic versus Republican presidents?