Ron Paul Versus The Fourteenth Amendment

Ron Paul’s opposition to the Fourteenth Amendment would make a Paul Administration an enemy of civil liberties.

Blast from the Past: Newt and Drug War Logic

Back in the late 90s, Newt wanted to execute marjiuana traffickers.

If They Would Just Build a Fence

After all, securing the border is easy and the forces driving cross-border illicit activities can be curtailed with enough force and security.

Rick Perry’s Worst Idea Yet

He suggested the possibility of sending troops to Mexico to fight drug cartels.

Fast & Furious Update: Federal Funds Used To Purchase Weapons Sold To Drug Gangs

The latest revelations about Operation Fast And Furious raise more questions than they answer.

The Perils of Unsecured WiFi and Overzealous Law Enforcement

Yes, please secure your home networks. But also: perhaps the police need to reevaluate their tactics.

David Simon on the Drug War, the Underclass, and America’s Dark Side

David Simon on the drug war, the underclass, and America’s seamy underbelly.

Recommended Reading on the Drug War

The US drug policy gang: Dopey, Boozy, Smokey and Stupid?

War on Drugs Reconsidered

Is there a legalization argument building?

US Troops to Mexican Drug War? (So Contemplates Rick Perry)

Would troops to Mexico help in the drug war?

Justifying Marijuana Laws

The mental gymnastics people go through to justify their position on marijuana legalization are exhausting.

Prop 19 Loses Big

Despite the Democrats sweeping quite literally every statewide office in California, Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization ballot issue, lost by 10 points.

California Decriminalizes Marijuana

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed a bill making pot possession (at certain levels) the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

A Tale of Two Cities: El Paso and Ciudad Juárez

Despite assertions that the violence in Mexico is spilling over the border, we find a rather stark comparison of two key border cities.

Death and the Arizona Border

Yes, a lot of people are dying on the Arizona border, but the cause is not the drug war. Rather, it is simple fact that crossing the desert on foot is a dangerous proposition. (And this is not a new phenomenon).

Rubio Does not Want Proliferation of SB1070s

Marco Rubio doesn’t want to see the proliferation of SB1070s to other states.

Returning, Again, to Crime and the AZ Border

More decapitation talk.

A Return to AZ Crime Levels

Let’s revisit the question of crime levels in Arizona.

Quote of the Day – Prohibition Editon

In the fight between law and appetite, bet on appetite.

Asked and Answered, WDR Edition

Will we ever eliminate or sharply reduce drug supply and demand?

Radically Misdiagnosing the Problem (Jan Brewer and Illegal Immigration)

Are the majority of illegal immigrants drug-runners? Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thinks so.

Drug War Logic

Wire Politics