Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

Joe Manchin’s Weird Filibuster Defense

It doesn’t work like the movies, Senator.

Two Women Leave GOP Over Policy GOP Has Espoused 38 Years

A Republican organization dedicated to abortion rights is shutting down after 30 years, eight fewer than the Party has opposed them.

Republicans Hold Edge In Battle For Senate Control

Thanks to favorable polling numbers and candidate selection, winning the Senate may very well be in the GOP’s grasp.

Should Congress Just Kick The Can Down The Road?

Perhaps we should take a pass on trying to reach a deal on resolving issues propelling us toward the Fiscal Cliff.

GOP Unlikely To Grab Senate This Year, But They’ll Have Another Shot In Two Years

The GOP’s hopes of taking over the Senate in 2012 have all but slipped away, but there is another option.

How To Fix The Republican Party

Whether Mitt Romney wins or loses, the GOP needs to evolve or be doomed to minority party status.

What Happens To The GOP If Romney Loses?

Some Republicans are beginning to ponder what might happen to their party if Mitt Romney loses in 2012.

Prospects For GOP Senate Takeover Appear To Be Slipping Away

It’s looking less likely that the GOP will be able to gain control of the Senate.

Republicans Speaking at Democratic Convention

Politico’s Mike Allen reports that several Republicans are expected to speak at the Democratic National Convention next month.

Congress Bans Veteran Funeral Protests in Violation of 1st Amendment

The United States Congress can still work together to pander before election season.

The Battle For The Senate

The battle is on for control of the Senate, but whoever wins is likely to have a very slim majority.

Bob Kerrey, DINO?

Our political scene has changed drastically since Bob Kerrey was last in the Senate.

George Will Wants Four More Years of Gridlock

The conservative columnist argues Republicans should concentrate on winning back the Senate and stopping Obama through 2016.

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe To Retire, GOP Senate Hopes In Jeopardy

A Northeastern Republican announces retirement. And GOP hopes for control of the Senate in 2013 become more tenuous.

Republicans Turning On Their Own Amidst Payroll Tax Fiasco

Some Republicans are starting to realize just how badly the House GOP has messed up this time.

MAPLE Act Would Make Selling Fake Maple Syrup a Felony

Some Northeastern Senators want to make selling fake maple syrup a federal offense.

How Can Obama Be a Commie and Cut Taxes for the Rich?

Did Obama’s tax cut deal demolish the Republican charge that he’s a radical? Not hardly.

3 of 4 Service Chiefs Oppose DADT Repeal

The commander-in-chief, secretary of defense, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all support removing the ban on gays in the military without further delay. A long-awaited Pentagon study showed no reason not to do so. But three of four Service chiefs disagree.

Meet The Tea Party’s Next Target

Maine’s Olympia Snowe appears to be the next target of the Tea Party movement, but she is also uniquely situated to retain her seat if she chooses to.

When It Comes To Ideological Purity, Democrats Can Be As Dumb As Republicans

A call for ideological purity in the Democratic Party in today’s New York Times demonstrates that Democrats can be just as foolish as Republicans.

Olympia Snowe Vulnerable To Conservative Challenge In Maine

The strength of the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party manifests itself in a poll out of Maine showing the Olympia Snowe is vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2012.

Delaware And The Battle Between The Beltway GOP And The Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell has become the latest star of the Tea Party movement, and her primary battle with Mike Castle the latest battleground over the future of the Republican Party.

Senate Tables DISCLOSE Act, For Now

Thanks to a united Republican Caucus, the Senate failed to take up a deeply flawed campaign finance “reform” bill.

Ping Pong Health Care