Judging The 2012 Preditions

Last January 1, some of us made a series of predictions. Here’s how we did.

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The Draft Dodger Rag Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Worst Holiday Ever

The Year in Memes

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Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

A 2013 Reading Guide: Challenge Yourself

For the New Year, how about challenging your ideas just a little bit?

The Tea Party Takes a Hit

The Tea Party guys had a bad year.

Obama’s Meet the Press Interview

Obama shows some spine.

Giving ‘Disposable Razor’ a New Meaning

Electric shavers have come down in price so much that it’s cheaper to buy a new one than a replacement head for your old one.

100th Anniversary of the Blues

The Blues began a century ago yesterday, with the release of WC Handy’s “Memphis Blues.”

Administrative Bloat at America’s Colleges and Universities

One major factor in the skyrocketing cost of a college education in America is a huge increase in overhead costs.

President Bush 41 Out of Intensive Care

President George H. W. Bush has been moved out of the intensive care unit and seems to be improving nicely.

Institutions Matter: Just Look at the Congress

Representative democracy is a process of delegation of power to agents who act on behalf of citizens. The process of delegation matters.

Congressional Gridlock And The Disappearing Swing District

There are very rational reasons behind the current gridlock on Capitol Hill.

Jets’ McElroy Hid Concussion

New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy was experiencing post-concussion syndrome but hid it from the team for days.

Norman Schwarzkopf Dead at 78

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander during Operation Desert Storm, has died at the age of 78.

Taxing Ammunition

Taxing Ammunition Should Be Considered to Reduce Gun Violence

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Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Filibuster

An attempt to declare the filibuster unconstitutional has ended in failure.

With Five Days Left, No Fiscal Cliff Deal In Sight

With less than a week left, the odds of a deal to avert the “Fiscal Cliff” seem longer than ever.

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Marvel Kills Spider-Man Again

Issue #700 marks the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s run as that character. For now.

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The Many Happy Returns Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Liability Insurance for Guns

Would Liability Insurance Help Minimize Threats to Public Safety?

Has Social Media Taken The Sting Out Of Political Scandal?

Does the public still care about the personal transgressions of politicians? The evidence seems to suggest they don’t.

Virginia GOP Goes Redder as State Goes Purple

The bizarre dynamics of Virginia politics.

Speaker of the House Jon Huntsman?!

Norm Ornstein may have written the sillest op-ed of 2012.