Obama In South America: Nitpicking, Bad Optics, Or A Really Bad Idea?

Obama is visiting Brazil and Chile while American fighting men join the coalition against Libya.

Meanwhile, to Libya’s East…

Egyptian voters have approved amendments to Egypt’s constitution.

An Irony About Libya

So much for not getting invaded…

March Madness

How many Americans are really even paying attention to the actions in Libya?

If Gaddafi Stays In Power, Then What’s The Point Of Intervention?

U.S. officials are making clear that the current mission in Libya may not lead to the end of Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. If that’s the case, then why are we there in the first place?

The Triumph Of The Neocons, And The Death Of Fiscal Conservatism

With minor exceptions, all of the potential candidates for the GOP nomination in 2012 seem to have accepted the idea that defense spending, and the Bush-era interventionist foreign policy, are off the table when it comes time to talk spending cuts.

A Libyan No-Fly Zone Won’t Stop Gaddafi

Establishing a no-fly zone in Libya won’t stop the Civil War, and it’s likely to draw the United States further into a conflict that it needs to stay out of.

A New Constitution for Tunisia

An update on Tunisia.

New PM in Egypt

U.S. Military Intervention In Libya? Just Say No

Intervening to “help” the Libyan revolt is very tempting, but it’s a temptation we ought to resist.

Getting Rid Of Gaddafi May Not Be As Easy As You Think

Establishing a no-fly zone isn’t likely to be enough to remove the current Libyan regime from power.

Unfit For Liberty?

The uprisings in the Arab world have led some to suggest that the Middle East isn’t “ready” to be free. They’re wrong.

Egyptian Army Accepts Constitutional Amendments

Egypt takes another step towards constitutional reform.

Tear Gas in Tunis

Chaos Continues To Reign As Gaddafi Slaughters Dissenters

The situation in Libya continues to be grim as Gaddafi lashes out while power slips through his fingers.

Time To Pull Out Of Afghanistan

Nine years into a war that seems to be without end, it’s time to declare victory and go home.

Egyptian Constitution Reform Committee Set to Report

The Constitutional Reform Commitee has finished its work and will report its recommendations to the military.

Gaddafi’s Days Numbered?

There are a number of signs coming out of Libya that indicate the regime is in serious trouble despite the willingness of the state to use violence on the crowds.

Bahraini Security Forces Withdrawn from Pearl Square

The situation in Bahrain continues to evolve as the state has pulled back the stick.