Don’t Judge The Libyan People For Killing Gaddafi

Should we be outraged over the manner in which Muammar Gaddafi died? I’m not losing any sleep over it.

Killing Gaddafi Doesn’t Make President Obama’s Actions In Libya Legal Or Justified

Gaddafi is dead, but it was still wrong for the United States to get involved in Libya.

BBC Reports: Gaddifi Captured

The BBC is reporting that rebels claim to have captured the ousted leader of Libya.

The USA and the LRA

This is looking less crazy, less sudden, and less an exercise in presidential whimsy than it seemed.

A Certain Fact about the LRA

One thing is clear: anyone who tries to make cheap political hay over the LRA is a fool.

Who are the LRA?

Some information on Joseph Kony and the LRA.

Obama Sending Troops to Fight Lord’s Resistance Army

Obama is trying to get into Guinness under “US President with Most Simultaneous Wars”

Where’s Qaddafi?

Laura Bush Leading on Education and Internationalism

Steve Clemons highlights former first lady Laura Bush’s continuing work in promoting education and international engagement.

Atrocities Being Committed By Libyan Rebels Against Black Libyans

Reports are coming out of Libya that paint the Libyan rebels in a very unkind light.

Success In Libya Does Not Justify An Unnecessary, Improper Decision By President Obama

Success in Libya does not make the American mission any less unjustified than it was on the day President Obama announced it.

American Boots on Ground in Somalia

Leon Panetta has been brought in to oversee significant cuts to the U.S. Defense budget. Meanwhile, we’re in six wars.

Vote Gaddafi out?

Is Gaddafi offering a way out?

Boehner Gives Obama Until Friday To Justify Libya Mission

The House GOP and the White House moved one step closer to a constitutional confrontation, but is it much ado about nothing?

The Military Still Runs Egypt

Remember Egypt?

Arab Spring Update

A summary of the status of the “Arab Spring” uprisings with links to news coverage and commentary.