John F. Kennedy The Worst President Of The 20th Century?

Thomas Ricks makes the case that JFK was the worst President of his century but his argument misses the mark.

Mariah, Beyoncé, Usher and Gaddafi Money

Muammar Gadaffi’s family hired big name entertainers for parties. What with the ongoing mayhem in Libya, that’s coming under scrutiny.

Nir Rosen Lara Logan Twitter Controversy

Tweeting feels like IM’ing but it’s more like blogging.

Iraqi Defector Admits To Lying About Saddam’s WMD Program

It turns out the Iraq War was indeed based, in part at least, on a lie.

Defense Budget Cuts

Stephanie Guttman, author of something called The Kinder, Gentler Military, takes to NRO to tell us how easy it is to cut the Defense budget. She inadvertently does just the opposite.


Didn’t we just talk about this?

Radioactive Boar Incidents on the Rise

German government payments compensating hunters for lost income due to radioactive boar have quadrupled since 2007.

Three Different Takes on the Leaked “War Logs”

Three different ways they’re viewing the leaked “war logs” across the Pond.

Daniel Schorr Dead at 93

Daniel Schorr’s journalism career ended far too early, lasting a mere eighty-one years.

McChrystal Quotes Alcohol Fueled?

General McChrystal and company spilled their guts to Rolling Stone on a road trip during which they were imbibing steadily.

Scorpions Break Up

Extreme Beer

OTB Latenight – Berlin

Obama in Germany

Blogrolls, RIP

Burma Air Drops