Alabama Hyundai Plant Used Child Labor

Shocking but perhaps unsurprising news.

Racial Equity and America’s Roads

A new initiative aims to right decades-old wrongs.

Herschel Walker and the Perils of Celebrity Candidates

More ugly revelations about the football hero turned politician.

Trump Judge Tosses Airline Mask Mandate

The Biden administration’s mandate has been lifted immediately.

Coronavirus Relief Funds Diverted to Pet Projects

Because of course it was.

A Photo for Friday


A Photo for Friday


A Photo for Friday

“Inside Sloss”

The Abuse of Power in a Small Town Police Force

Not Mayberry. Not even close.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keepers Charged with Seditious Conspiracy

A year after the Capitol riot, DOJ is coming after the most violent perpetrators.

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“People in the Stars”

A Photo for Friday

“Urban Gallery”

A Photo for Friday

“The Old Roundhouse”

Infrastructure Politics

Politicians gonna politician, but still…

Colin Powell, 1937-2021

The trailblazing soldier-statesman has died at 84.

Line of the Day

Get vaccinated edition

Today in Awful Covid Headlines

Part of the ongoing, slow-motion tragedy.

A Little Monday Tab Clearing

Several stories, not enough time for full write-ups.

SBC Picks a New Leader

And linkages to broader US politics.

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The Consolidation of Journalism

The Internet killed the newspaper without really replacing it.

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Harvey Updyke Dead at 71

Roll Damn Tide.

Supreme Court Blocks Judge-Imposed Drive-up Voting in Alabama Runoff

Those who wish to vote for Tommy Tuberville or Jeff Sessions will have to walk to the mailbox.

‘COVID Parties’ are Bullshit

Some incredibly thin reporting about a story that is almost certainly made up.

Cancel Cancel Culture

The state of American debate is not strong.

Trump and the F-word

Not that one. The other one.

Do Violent Protests Get Results?

If the goal is to change politics, not just vent frustration, messaging is important.

The TV Doctors and the Problem of Cable “News”

Cable news “experts” frequently aren’t.

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Worrisome news for an American icon.

Warren’s Same-Sex Marriage Joke Raises Concerns

Elizabeth Warren’s comments at an LGBT rights forum late last week were cheered by the audience, but some Democrats are raising concerns about their impact on the General Election.

Not a Punchline. It is Corruption.

Hurricanes and corrupting truth.

Alabama Man Who Spent 36 Years In Jail For Stealing $50.75 Finally Released

From the State of Alabama we get a perfect example of the reason why, at times, the law is an ass.

Alabama Governor Apologizes For College Blackface Incident

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is the latest politician to apologize for donning blackface while she was in college.

Once Again, Trump Tries To Insert Himself Into Other People’s Heroism

Once again, President Trump can’t help but make something meant to recognize real American heroes all about himself.

Bart Starr, Winning Quarterback In First Two Super Bowls, Dies At 85

Bart Starr, who led the Green Bay Packers to five N.F.L. Championships in the pre-Super Bowl era and in Super Bowls I and II, has died at the age of 85.


Yet another promising spring football league seems to have bitten the dust.

Democrats Pick Milwaukee For 2020 Convention

For their 2020 convention, Democrats are headed to the Midwest.

A Photo for Friday: “Linked”

Welcome to the weekend!

A Photo for Friday: “Birmingham Sunset”

Welcome to Friday.

A Photo for Friday: “Old Stairs”

Welcome to Friday.

Speaking of the Popular Vote…

Some examples from 2018 of the problems with single seat districts.

Radicalizing Rhetoric

Trump’s words matter.

Some Sanders Supporters Aren’t So Eager For A Repeat

Bernie Sanders could find repeating the success of 2016 in 2020 may not be so easy.

A Photo for Friday: “Path of Light”

After a multi-week hiatus, Happy Friday!

Republicans Pick Charlotte For 2020 Convention

Republicans will hold their 2020 National Convention in the same city that hosted the Democrats back in 2012.