Democratic Candidate Phil Murphy Easily Defeats Kim Guadagno In New Jersey

To nobody’s surprise, a blue state returns to its roots.

Clinton, Inc.

The personal, the political, and the Foundation are so intertwined as to be one enterprise.

Chris Christie’s Reefer Madness

When it comes to marijuana policy, Chris Christie is stuck in the past.

Bob McDonnell Trial Opens On A Pathetic And Sordid Note

The trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife opened yesterday, and it sounded more like a soap opera than a legal proceeding.

Chris Christie’s Gay Marriage Decision And The Politics Of 2016

Chris Christie’s decision to take a tactical retreat on the issue of same-sex marriage raises some interesting questions for 2016.

Invoking The Fifth Amendment Is Not Evidence Of Wrongdoing

A top IRS official will reportedly invoke her 5th Amendment rights rather than testify before Congress tomorrow.

CPAC Snubs Chris Christie

CPAC’s organizers have decided not to invite the most popular Governor in the country.

Chris Christie Is Looking Unbeatable

Chris Christie looks unstoppable in his bid for re-election

Judging The 2012 Preditions

Last January 1, some of us made a series of predictions. Here’s how we did.

Chris Christie Begins Re-Election Bid With Sky High Approval Ratings

At this moment, Chris Christie is the most popular Governor in the country.

Jon Corzine, Other MF Global Executives, Unlikely To Face Criminal Charges

Jon Corzine appears to be about to get a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

Obama First President Outspent in His Re-election Campaign

Mitt Romney will likely be the first challenger able to outspend a sitting president. He’ll need it.

I’m Confused, I Thought Republicans Respected The Constitition

The Republican National Committee throws the Fifth Amendment under the bus.

A Glance Into The Crystal Ball For 2012

So, what’s next?

Jon Corzine Reportedly Used Influence To Hold Off Investigation Of MF Global

When the CFTC wanted to change a rule, Jon Corzine used his influence to stop them.

Bring Congress Back? Only If There’s Something Constructive To Do

Should President Obama call Congress back into session? Not if there’s nothing to do he shouldn’t.

White House Pressuring Geithner To Stay At Treasury

Rumors of Timothy Geithner’s departure from the Treasury Department may have been exaggerated.

Obama: Big Donors and Grassroots Supporters

The Obama campaign is stressing that 98 percent of its donations were from little guys contributing $250 or less. But 40 percent of the money came from a handful of major donors.

Chris Christie Kills Hudson Rail Project

New Jersey’s governor has killed a vital infrastructure project because of huge cost overruns. It’s penny wise and pound foolish.

Obama Endorsement A Negative In Battleground States

Barack Obama may not be doing much campaigning in the fall if recent poll numbers are any indication.