Brits Deporting Migrants to Rwanda

A legal but unsavory solution to a problem.

Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

The UK’s longest-reigning monarch has passed, aged 96.

Prince Charles Charity Accepted £1m from Bin Laden Family

Some light fundraising whilst waiting for mum to die.

General Breedlove’s Integrity

Are retired officers on defense boards presumed liars?

No-Deal Brexit Would Be A Disaster For The United Kingdom

A newly released report leaked from inside the British Government notes that a hard Brexit is likely to be a disaster for the British economy.

Why is the NYT Paywall Up the Other 362 Days?

Its explanation for why its paywall is coming down 3 days leads us to an obvious question.

Apple Launching Controversial News and Video Service

Is 50 percent too high a take? Or the best deal in town?

Russia Helping Stoke French Protests

Moscow continues using information warfare to sow division in Western society.

UK Retaliates for Russian Nerve Agent Attack

Theresa May has expelled 23 Russian diplomats and convened the North Atlantic Council.

Signs Of Russian Meddling In Brexit Vote

It appears Russia attempted to influence last year’s Brexit vote in the same manner it did the 2016 election in the United States.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Donald Trump To Take First Weekend As POTUS Off

Donald Trump will take some time off after taking the Oath of Office.

Fixing the Firewalled News Problem

There’s a better way to finance news than hiding it behind paywalls.

News Industry In Crisis But News Reporting Better Than Ever

Matt Yglesias has a smart push-back against the lamentations of the decline of journalism.

Blair Calls for Regime Change in Iran and Syria

For a peace envoy, Blair has some nonpeaceful ideas.

New York Times Time-Lapse Video

A video of the New York Times website from September 2010 to July 2011.

New York Times Announces Paywall Rates To Begin March 28th

In less than two weeks, much of the content of The New York Times will go behind a paywall.

Times Paywalls a Bust?

After three months, Rupert Murdoch’s strategy of walling off the Times websites isn’t looking so smart.

The Chilean 33

Elation at discovering 33 miners still alive after over two weeks of looking for them is giving way to the reality that it will take roughly 4 months to get them out.

British National Health Service in Trouble?

Depending on which papers you read, the British NHS is undergoing minor restructuring, secretly planning major cuts in basic services, or doing nothing of concern.

Killing Presidents

Mary Jo Kopechne