More Bad Whistleblower News For Trump

A second potential whistleblower and an apparent criminal referral from the CIA’s top lawyer make a bad week even worse for Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Warren Raises $24.6 Million, Trailing Only Bernie Sanders

A very successful fundraising quarter for Senator Elizabeth Warren caps off a quarter that has seen her surge in the race for the 2020 nomination.

Doctors Confirm That Bernie Sanders Had A Heart Attack

After a week of silence, Bernie Sanders campaign confirm that he had a heart attack earlier this week.

The Post-Trump GOP Will Not Go Back To ‘Normal’

Contrary to the hopes of some, getting rid of Trump isn’t going to purge the GOP of Trumpism.

SpaceX Unveils Model Of Ship It Would Send To Mars

SpaceX unveiled a model of the “starship” it would send to Mars but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Disappointing Jobs Growth For September

A somewhat disappointing jobs report for September.

Efforts To Influence Foreign Investigations Of Biden Deeper Than Thought

More information released last night confirmed the extent to which the United States was linking progress on its relationship with Ukraine to an investigation of Joe Biden and his son.

Audio SLT

I was a guest on the Challenging Opinions podcast.

Stage Set For Twelve Person Debate

The next Democratic Debate will have the most people on stage at one time of any debate so far.

Bob Woodward Heckled for Doing His Job

The norms of social discourse are rapidly changing in the #MeToo era.

Joe Biden Raises $15.1 Million In Third Quarter

Joe Biden reported a mostly successful fundraising quarter for the period that ended September 30th,

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Trump Now Asking China To Investigate Joe Biden

Donald Trump is now committing his crimes in public.

Signs Of Economic Slowdown Tied To Trump’s Trade Policies

From manufacturing to trade, the negative impact of Trump’s tariffs is becoming quite apparent.

Pressed By Impeachment, Trump Is Clearly Losing It

The past week has demonstrated more notably than any other that this President is not well.

Former Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison

After an emotional sentencing hearing that included an extraordinary display of mercy and forgiveness from her victim’s family, former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Trump And The RNC Raise $125 Million In Third Quarter

A big haul for the GOP.

Andrew Yang Raises $10 Million In Third Quarter

An unexpectedly big fundraising quarter for an unlikely candidate.

Senate Report Alleges NRA Became A ‘Russian Asset’

A Senate report alleges that the National Rifle Association allowed itself to become a Russian asset,

Trump ‘Jokes’ About Shooting Migrants At The Border

Apparently, the President thinks shooting people is amusing.

Cory Booker Raises $6.4 Million In Third Quarter

Cory Booker announced some respectable fundraising numbers, but his campaign continues to coast along just above the point of irrelevance.

Kamala Harris Hauls In $11.6 Million In Third Quarter

Kamala Harris has slipped in the polls but her financial numbers are still pretty respectable.

One Year Later, Mohammed bin Salman Still Getting Off Scot-Free In Khashoggi Murder

It’s been one year since Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, never to be seen in public again. We are no closer to justice in his case than we were a year ago.

Pete Buttigieg Hauls In $19.1 Million For Third Quarter

Pete Buttigieg’s momendum in the polls has slowed, but his fundraising ability has not.

Bernie Sanders Raises $25 Million In Third Quarter

Bernie Sanders has slipped in the polls but retains his ability to raise money.

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Former Dallas Cop Convicted Of Murder In Shooting Death

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was convicted of ,murder in the death of Botham Jean, an innocent man who was murdered for the “crime” of being in his own apartment.

Pursuing Impeachment Is A Moral Imperitive

The time for sitting on the sidelines is over. Donald Trump cannot be allowed to get away with his usurpation of power, his disdain for the law, or his continued policies that have damaged the country.

Giuliani Subpoenaed In Impeachment Inquiry

The President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is among the first to be served with a subpoena in connection with the newly-launched impeachment inquiry.

Trump Engaging In Witness Intimidation

Even as the impeachment vultures circle, the President is lashing out and making things more difficult for himself.