How the Drug War Disappeared the Jury Trial

Only a tiny percentage of those in American prisons ever got a trial.

Media Coverage Of Ted Cruz v. Media Coverage Of Wendy Davis

Can differences in media coverage of two unrelated filibusters be explained solely by media bias?

The Fourth Of July And The Fourth Amendment

Contemporary Americans accept actions by the state that were once the cause for revolt.

Reflections On The 4th Of July In Light Of The Coup In Egypt

Yesterday’s coup in Egypt, a day before we celebrate our own independence, reminds us of something else worth celebrating.

Was The American Civil War Avoidable?

Rather than asking whether it was “worth it,” the important historical question regarding the Civil War is whether it could have been avoided.

Jefferson Was Neither A Monster Nor A Saint

Vilifying Thomas Jefferson is as much as mistake as placing him on a pedestal.

The GOP Platform’s Abortion Plank Could’ve Been Written By Todd Akin

The GOP Platform will include an abortion plank that Todd Akin would love.

Obama’s War on White People

Victor Davis Hanson thinks President Obama plans to win the back the White House by alienating the white man.

What is “Constitutional”?

What does the US Constitution actually provide in terms of guidance for governance?

Was The Revolution A Mistake?

Were the Colonists wrong to toss aside the British Empire so casually?

The Euro Zone: Join, Or Die

There may be only one solution to saving the Euro.

Teaching the Federalist Papers

If we taught the Federalist Papers more rigorously would that lead to a shared view of the constitution?

Chair of House Subcommittee on Higher Education not a Fan of Student Loans

It would be nice if people in power would be a bit more introspective and thoughtful.

Romney Scores Triple Primary Win, Santorum Campaign Becomes Quixotic Crusade

The race is over, Rick Santorum just won’t admit it.

On The Phony Charge Of “Judicial Activism” From ObamaCare Supporters

The White House and its allies have already declared war on a decision that won’t even be rendered until three months from now.

The First Amendment Makes Rick Santorum Want To Vomit

Rick Santorum’s views on the role of religion in public life are built on lies about American history.

Rick Santorum And Conservative Anti-Intellectualism

A man who has three degrees from three public universities considers the President of the United States a “snob.”

Newt’s Grandiose Thoughts

A Selection Of Speaker Gingrich’s Thoughts Over The Years

A Decade of Lost Freedom

Measuring our progress a decade after the 9/11 attacks

Michele Bachmann’s Odd Views On Slavery And The Civil War

Michele Bachmann’s view of history is based in a world view that would be foreign to most Americans.

Are Plea Bargains A Deal With The Devil?

Usually, Defendants plead guilty for perfectly rational reasons.

America At 235

Some thoughts on the American experiment at 235 years and counting.

Bachmann, the Constitution, and Slavery

Bachmann’s views on the Founders and slavery are more significant than simply a question of how to classify John Quincy Adams.

Bachmann and John Quincy Adams

Bachmann doubles-down on a problematic historical claim.

The Herman Cain Boomlet

Herman Cain: candidate du jour or something more permanent?

President Obama’s Address to Parliament

While President Obama has had some amusing gaffes on his trip to London, including getting the year wrong in the guest book and an awkward toast to the Queen, his speech to Parliament today hit all the right notes.

America The Ignorant

Another survey shows that Americans don’t know much about their own history, but does it really matter?

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Four

Examining Levin’s examination of the Constitution, jurisprudence, and property rights.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Three

In chapter three of Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin applies his typical standards of logic and evidence to matters of faith.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part Two

Part two of the ongoing series blogging Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part One

I’m blogging Mark Levin’s Conservative Manifesto. Here’s part one…

Understanding the Founding Documents (Declaration Edition), Part II

Revisiting the application of the Declaration.

Understanding the Founding Documents (Declaration Edition)

Is it really too much to ask that when people try to make arguments based on our country’s founding documents that they at least understand the passages that they are quoting?

Jefferson Changed ‘Subjects’ to ‘Citizens’

Thomas Jefferson took great pains to hide the word he originally used for “citizens” in the Declaration of Independence.

Proper Nouns, RIP

Newt Gingrich at CPAC