Prospects Of Republican Senate Dim

It’s looking less and less likely that the GOP will gain control of the Senate, but they’re going to come awfully close,, and that might be just as good from their point of view.

99 Democratic House Seats in Danger?

Politico says 99 Democratic House seats are “in play.” They’re not. But dozens are.

Will A Republican Congress Impeach President Obama ?

Will a Republican-controlled Congress bring about the third Presidential Impeachment in American history? Jonathan Chait thinks it’s virtually certain that it will, I’m not so sure.

Schwarzenegger: Obama Will Win in 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger predicts President Obama’s re-election. Historically, that’s the safe bet.

Silly Third Party Musings

Thomas Friedman engages in some early speculation about a serious third party presidential run. As usual, such speculation ignores the basic structures of American politics.

Rahm Emanuel Leaving White House, Running For Chicago Mayor

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is leaving his job at week’s end to run for mayor of Chicago.

Mike Pence Wins 2012 Straw Poll At Gathering Of Social Conservatives

Could Mike Pence make the leap from the House of Representatives to the White House ? It’s possible, but history and the likely GOP field in 2012 suggest it would be very difficult.

Redistricting as the Spoils of Elections

The winners of state legislatures in November will have a great deal of influence over Congressional elections for the next decade. Should it be that way?

Frum on the State of Right-of-Center Think Tanks

David Frum assesses the current state of right-of-center think tanks and the significance thereof.

2010 vs. 1994 Revisted, Part The Second

Another political analyst is out with a 2010 prediction that should make Democrats very nervous.

Birthright Citizenship Review

Senate Republicans want to rethink the 14th Amendment’s automatic citizenship for people born in the U.S.

Why Charlie Rangel Will Likely Survive

Despite facing a thirteen-count ethics complaint, Charlie Rangel probably isn’t going anywhere.

Charles Rangel Hit With 13 Charges Of Ethics Violations

It was another bad day for Charlie Rangel, but something tells me he’s going to be just fine.

Democrats Lack Votes For Filibuster Reform

Much to the disappointment of Ezra Klein and others, it’s unlikely that Democrats will have the votes necessary to change the filibuster when the 112th Congress convenes.

Daniel Schorr Dead at 93

Daniel Schorr’s journalism career ended far too early, lasting a mere eighty-one years.

Michelle Bachmann Suggests Republicans Make The Same Mistakes All Over Again

If Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann gets her way, the 112th Congress will feature a lot of committees “investigating” the Obama Administration.

Robert Byrd Dead at 92

Senator Robert Byrd has died at 92, after years of poor health.

Hitler Comparisons and Bad History

Contrary to popular belief, Adolf Hitler didn’t come to power by democratic means or because of his ability to whip the public into a frenzy.

Tyranny Yields to Lowly Judge

Americans on both sides of the aisle throw around words like “tyranny” and “fascism” about our system. But there are constant small reminders we are under the rule of law.

Marion Berry Retires

Murtha Earmark Scandal