Nick Burns to Be China Ambassador

An exceptional choice that breaks the recent tradition of politicos in the post.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock Joins Crowded Democratic Field

Yet another candidate joins an already crowded field for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination.

Ben Carson Made False Claims About Being Offered West Point Scholarship

Ben Carson’s campaign now admits that he fabricated a key portion of his biography.

Gun Control Is No More Likely After Charleston Than It Was Before

Political reality shows us that the shootings in Charleston are not going to have any appreciable impact on the likelihood of any type of gun control law passing anywhere outside of the bluest of the blue states.

Odds Point To A GOP Senate Takeover

Signs continue to suggest that a GOP Senate takeover is likely.

Joe Manchin: Further Gun Control Efforts Unlikely In 2014

The likelihood of any action on gun control in 2014 is extremely limited

Brian Schweitzer Hits Hillary Clinton Over Iraq War Vote

The beginnings of a populist challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Paul Ryan Reemerges, Offering The GOP An Obamacare-Free Way Out

Paul Ryan is back, and he has a plan his party ought to be paying attention to.

GOP In Good Position To Grab Senate Control In 2014

The GOP’s chances to take over the Senate became much better over the weekend.

Maureen Dowd Discovers That Barack Obama Is Neither Andrew Shepherd Nor Josiah Bartlett

If you want to understand contemporary politics, the last thing you should do is reference an Andrew Sorkin project.

A No Vote On Manchin/Toomey Is Unlikely To Hurt Any Senator

The odds that any of the Senators who voted no on Manchin/Toomey will pay a political price for doing so is low.

Manchin-Toomey Background Checks Bill In Trouble

The prospects for gun control appear to be dimming.

Democrats May Be Short On Votes For Filibuster Reform

Harry Reid appears to be short of the votes he needs to enact filibuster reform.

Are Federal Exchanges Going To Bring Down ObamaCare?

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act may cause the entire statutory scheme to collapse.

Obama Administration Lobbied Standard & Poor’s Not To Lower Debt Outlook

Standard & Poor’s didn’t believe the Obama Administration’s argument that Washington would be able to fix the deficit. There’s no reason they should have.

Paul Krugman Wonders Where The President He Thought He Was Voting For Went To

Paul Krugman is disappointed with the President, but it’s really his own fault for being so naive.

Democrats Filibuster Reform Package: On The Whole, A Good Idea

The filibuster reform package that Senate Democrats unveiled yesterday has much to recommend to it. Unfortunately, it’s probably doomed.

President Obama, GOP Reach Tax Cut Extension Deal

President Obama and the GOP have reached a deal on extending the Bush tax cuts that gives the GOP virtually everything it wanted.

Senate Rejects Democratic Plans On Tax Cut Extension

The Senate rejected an effort to limit the extension of the Bush tax cuts based on income level. At this point, the only question is when Democrats will concede defeat on this debate.

Geithner Briefed Jon Stewart

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner held a private, off-the-record meeting in comedian Jon Stewart’s office back in April. Speculation abounds.

The Inevitable Barack Obama Comeback

Reports of Barack Obama’s political death are greatly exaggerated and wildly premature.

Health Insurance Mandates

What Health Care Costs