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John McCain Is Taking On Donald Trump Without Regret

John McCain Donald Trump

John McCain has been standing out from his fellow Republicans largely by unleashing on President Trump, and it is unlikely to end anytime soon.

Japanese Voters Give Shinzo Abe A Big Win In Snap Elections

Shinzo Abe Japanese Flag

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision to call a snap election pays off big time.

Questioning Generals Like John Kelly Is Not Only Appropriate, It’s Absolutely Necessary

John Kelly Briefing Room

The White House believes that it is ‘inappropriate’ to question Generals. This argument is not only wrong, it’s downright dangerous.

Spanish Prime Minister To Remove Catalonia’s Government From Power

Spanish and Catalan Flags

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy has said he will act to remove Catalonia’s pro-independence leadership from power.

John Kelly Defends Trump On Call To Grieving Family, But Gets Many Facts Wrong

John Kelly Briefing Room

White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly publicly defended the President’s call to a military widow yesterday, but he got several facts wrong in the process.

Obama Blasts Trump’s ‘Politics Of Division’

Former President Barack Obama speaks at a rally with New Jersey Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jim Murphy

President Obama spoke out yesterday against his successor and the America he has created.

Without Mentioning Trump, George W. Bush Rebukes Trumpism

George W Bush

Without mentioning his successor by name, former President Bush delivered a stinging rebuke to Trump and Trumpism.

Donald Trump Is A Culture Warrior, Not A President


Donald Trump’s entire modus operandi involves pushing divisive cultural hot buttons.

Spanish Government Threatening To Take Over Catalonian Government Over Independence Bid

Spanish and Catalan Flags

The standoff between Madrid and Barcelona over Catalan independence appears to be ready to come to an end.

Democrat Ralph Northam Continues To Lead In Virginia, But The Race Is Far From Over

Virginia Flag Map

New polling shows Democratic nominee Ralph Northam continuing to lead Republican Ed Gillespie in the Virginia Governor’s race, but anything is still possible with three weeks to go until Election Day.

Fox News Poll Shows Alabama Senate Race Tied, But Skepticism Is Still Called For

Roy Moore Doug Jones

A new poll shows Democratic nominee Doug Jones tied with twice-removed former Chief Justice Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race, but it’s still too early to be optimistic.

American-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa, But ISIS Is Far From Defeated

ISIS Fighters

The capital of the purported caliphate declared by ISIS has apparently fallen, but that doesn’t mean the end of ISIS. In fact, it may make the group more dangerous.

Donald Trump Displays Appalling Disrespect For A Soldier Who Died On His Watch

Trump Troops

President Trump sinks even lower.

Two Federal Courts Block Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Again

Trump Muslim Ban

Two Federal Judges have issued orders blocking the latest version of President Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban.

Senators Say They Have Bipartisan Deal To Save Obamacare Subsidies


Republican Lamar Alexander and Democratic Senator Patty Murray say they’ve reached a bipartisan deal to fix an important part of the Affordable Care Act.

Trump’s Pathetic Lies Reach A New Low

Donald Trump Shrug

Now Donald Trump is using the death of American soldiers to tell lies about his predecessor.

Senate Confirms Woman With No Diplomatic Experience To Be Ambassador To Vatican


The Senate has confirmed Callista Gingrich to be Ambassador to the Vatican: Callista Gingrich will be the next US ambassador to the Vatican. In a 70-23 vote, the US Senate confirmed her nomination Monday night. The move had been widely expected since President Donald Trump announced her nomination in May. The Vatican declined to comment Tuesday. […]

Lawrence Lessig Spins A Bizarre Scenario To Put Hillary Clinton In The White House


There’s something in the water up at Harvard……

Trump Remains At Historic Low In Polls As Optimism About Future Decreases

Trump Sad Face

The President’s job approval numbers remain at historic lows, while a growing number of Americans say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty To Desertion And Other Charges

Bowe Bergdahl

The Bergdahl case comes to an end.

Iraqi Army Moves Against Kurdish Oil Assets

Kurdistan Map

Iraqi military forces begin to crack down against Iraqi Kurds after last month’s independence referendum.

Mississippi School District Bans ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’


The school district in Biloxi, Mississippi has removed ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ from the 8th-grade reading list because it “makes people uncomfortable.”

N.F.L. Won’t Force Players To Stand For National Anthem

Kaepernick Kneeling Anthem

Downplaying earlier reports, the National Football League is shooting down reports that it would move to force players to stand for the National Anthem.

Trump Decertifies Iranian Compliance With Nuclear Weapons Agreement

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

Despite the fact that everyone seems to agree that Iran is complying with the nuclear weapons deal, President Trump took steps that will undermine that agreement and do serious damage to American credibility around the world.

Susan Collins Forgoes Bid For Maine Governor, Will Run For Re-Election Instead

Susan Collins

Susan Collins will stay in the Senate rather than running for Governor of Maine next year.

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Reinstated By Federal Appeals Court


A legal setback for Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys.

Republicans Reluctant To Act On ‘Bump Stocks,’ Hoping The ATF Will Act For Them

Guns And Bullets

After initially signaling support for a bill banning ‘bump stocks,’ Republicans in Congress now appear to be hoping someone else will act for them.

Trump To Puerto Rico: Drop Dead

Puerto Rico Maria

Just three weeks after their home was hit by a devastating storm, Donald Trump is attacking Puerto Ricans for not recovering from the storm sooner.

Top Aide To John Kelly Named To Head DHS


Kirsten Nielsen, who currently serves as Deputy White House Chief of Staff under retired General John Kelly, has been selected to become the new head of the Department of Homeland Security: WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Wednesday that he intended to name Kirstjen Nielsen, a top White House aide, to lead the Department of […]

Boy Scouts To Admit Girls

Boy Scouts

Another big change for the Boy Scouts.

Trump Threatens NBC, Upping The Ante In His Despicable War On Freedom Of The Press

Trump Burning Constitution

Donald Trump is continuing to up the ante in his rhetorical war against one of America’s most fundamental freedoms.

Poll Shows Increased Support For Gun Control Measures In The Wake Of Las Vegas

Gun Flag

New polling shows increased support for gun control measures in the wake of Las Vegas, but it’s not likely to last and it won’t lead to any significant action by Congress.

Donald Trump’s Disturbing Obsession With, And Ignorance About, Nuclear Weapons

Trump Nukes

Donald Trump continues to be as astoundingly ignorant about the most powerful weapons the U.S. military possesses as he was as a candidate.

Republicans On Capitol Hill Admitting Defeat On Health Care Reform


At least for now, Republicans seem to be giving up on repealing and replacing the PPACA. That’s not going to make the base happy.

Steve Bannon Declares War On The Senate GOP

Steve Bannon

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon is declaring war on Republicans in the Senate.

Dianne Feinstein To Run For Fifth Term


California Senator Dianne Feinstein announced yesterday that she will run for a fifth term in 2018, ending months of speculation about her political future: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced on Monday morning that she will run for reelection in 2018. “I am running for reelection to the Senate. Lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate […]

Pence Leaves Colts Game Over Anthem Protest In Obviously Pre-Planned Stunt

Mike Pence Anthem

Vice-President Pence left an Indianapolis Colts game early in what was obviously a cynical pre-planned publicity stunt.

Justice Department Reverses Obama Era Policy On Discrimination Against Transgender Americans

Transgender Bathroom Sign

Reversing an Obama Era position, the Justice Department has rescinded a legal interpretation that purported to apply previously adopted civil rights laws to transgender individuals.

AOL Instant Messenger To Shut Down After 20 Years

AOL Instant Messenger

In other news, this week we learned that AIM still exists.

District Of Columbia Will Not Appeal Ruling Striking Down Concealed-Carry Law

Gun Flag

The District of Columbia has decided not to risk an appeal of a lower court ruling striking down its restrictive concealed-carry law.

Decertifying The Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be A Foolish, Potentially Dangerous, Error

Iran Nuclear Deal Congress

Reports are indicating that President Trump will decertify the nuclear weapons deal with Iran. This would be a foolish and potentially dangerous mistake.

Job Creation Declines In September In Report Likely Impacted By Hurricanes


A very weak jobs report thanks mostly to the impact of two Category 5 hurricanes.

Democratic Candidate Appears To Have Momentum In Virginia’s Governor’s Race

Virginia Flag Map

The nation’s only competitive Governor’s this year appears to be going in favor of the Democratic candidate.

Catalan Government May Declare Independence Next Week, But It Will Be Meaningless

After Sunday’s referendum, the government of Catalonia says it may declare independence from Spain as early as Monday. However, it’s likely to be a completely meaningless act.

Republicans In Congress Open To Banning Bump Stocks

Guns And Bullets

Don’t hold your breath, but the Las Vegas shooting may actually prompt Congress to do something.

The Vast Majority Of Americans Don’t Own A Gun

Gun Constitution

Some interesting statistics.

Report Says Tillerson Reportedly Called Trump A “Moron,” Considered Resigning

Rex Tillerson

Tensions continue to rise between the White House and Foggy Bottom.

Bernie Sanders And Larry David Discover They’re Related

Bernie Sanders Speaking

During the race for the Democratic nomination, comedian Larry David became known for playing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live and many people remarked that he did quite a good job at it. As it turns out, there may be a genetic reason for that: In a released clip from the season four […]

Donald Trump To Puerto Rico: Let Them Eat Paper Towels

Trump Shrug 2

Yesterday President Trump visited Puerto Rico to survey storm damage from Hurricane Maria, and, inevitably, the cameras caught him doing something only Donald Trump would do: President Donald Trump’s latest viral move is paper towel throwing. Tuesday marked President Trump’s first visit to Puerto Rico, which was ravaged by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago. During a stop at […]

Time To Ban Bump Stocks

Guns And Bullets

The Las Vegas shooting provides a good opportunity to enact a common sense gun control law that even Second Amendment advocates agree is called for.

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