Ending the Afghan Slog

My latest for The National Interest, “Ending the Afghan Slog,” has posted.

OTB on Fox Live

Losing Afghanistan A Year Sooner Beats Alternative

Everything the critics say about the decision is right–and so is the decision.

Republican Foreign Policy Craziness Inherent in the System

My latest for The Atlantic: “Some Reasons Not to Worry About Republican Foreign Policy Craziness”

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Europe’s Democracy Problem

My latest for The Atlantic: “For Europe, Some Fear a Conflict Between Union and Democracy”

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Moving Goalposts of American Conservatism

Rush Limbaugh, who three years ago said Mitt Romney embodied all three legs of the conservative stool today declared that Romney is not a conservative. He was right both times.

Romney’s Realist Foreign Policy

My latest for The Atlantic, “Romney’s Realist Foreign Policy Is a Lot Like Obama’s,” has been posted.

OTB on Fox News Live

I will appearing on “Power Play with Chris Stirewalt” on Fox News Live this morning discussing America’s ten years in Afghanistan and other topics.

When Can a President Order an American Killed?

My latest for The Atlantic, “The Thorniest Question: When Can a President Order an American Killed?” has been posted.

OTB on WPR: Class Warfare

NATO Support Endures

NATO is still seen as essential by 62 percent of both EU and U.S. respondents, demonstrating that the transatlantic military bond is still, despite a rough decade, firmly entrenched in American and European views of the world.

Libya Exposes Transatlantic Contradictions

My first piece for CNN has been posted at Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square.

Libya Not Vindication for NATO, It’s a Wake-up Call

My latest for The National Interest is posted under the somewhat misleading headline “NATO Fails in Libya.”

Libya After Gaddafi: Lessons From Iraq

The Atlantic has published an essay I wrote yesterday morning titled “Libya After Qaddafi: Lessons from Iraq 2003.”

Is the U.S.-European Relationship Really in Decline?

My latest piece for The Atlantic, “Is the U.S.-European Relationship Really in Decline?” is posted.

How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology

Why the United States has found itself in a seemingly endless series of wars over the past two decades.

NATO’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

A version of a piece I wrote Wednesday, titled “NATO’s Death Greatly Exaggerated,” has finally been published at Foreign Policy under the title “Back in the Saddle: How Libya Helped NATO Get Its Groove Back.”

War Isn’t for Everyone

My first piece for The American Conservative, which they’ve titled “War Isn’t for Everyone–The military needs civilian control, not citizen soldiers,” is in the May issue.

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NATO in an Age of Austerity

World Politics Review has published a special issue on “NATO’s Identity Crisis” ahead of next month’s Lisbon summit and the unveiling of a new Strategic Concept. I contributed the lead essay, “NATO in an Age of Austerity.”

Joyner vs. Greenwald on al Jazeera

OTB’s James Joyner and Salon’s Glenn Greenwald discuss WikiLeaks and its implications for journalism on Al Jazeera’s “Inside Story.”

Europe ‘Crisis’ Overblown

My latest for The National Interest, arguing that the talk of crisis in Europe is overblown, is up. Naturally, they’ve titled it “Crisis in the EU.”

NATO’s Cyber Threat

NATO should resist preemptively declaring cyber attacks “an attack on all” members under Article 5.

Israel or NATO?


Joyner on C-SPAN

Bush’s Third Term


Bow? Wow!

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