Trump and Biden Skipped Opening Day Pitches

A century-old tradition has gone by the wayside.

A Modest Racial Realignment

Explaining the inexplicable.

(Last) Sunday’s Discussion Question Revisited

Wherein I finally reveal my answer (spoiler: it is hardly surprising). And, also, wherein despite the goal of brevity, I fail at that goal.

The Threat of Political Violence

Separating rhetoric from action.

What’s the Pattern for Senate Seats in Mid-Terms?

Looking at past Senate elections and some more thoughts on historical patterns.

NFL and College Football Going Head to Head

The most popular television product is running out of room to expand.

Dems in Midterms: You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

A 2020 blowout has long been presumed. But maybe it won’t happen.

Ted Cruz and Basic Leadership

It is really so hard to understand that you don’t go on vacation during a massive disaster?

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Two Crazy Aspects of Trump’s Fraud Allegations

Granted, there are more than two. But from a political science/political history POV, these two stick out in my mind.

President-Elect Biden’s Victory Speech

“Now this campaign is over, what is the will of the people? What is our mandate?”

WSJ Chastises Trump’s Slander

The President’s unhinged Twitter rants have drawn a rebuke from an unlikely source.

Young Pete Buttigieg’s Ode to Bernie Sanders

An amusing discovery.

Jim Lehrer, 1934-2020

A legendary newsman has passed.

Ed Markey Facing A Challenge From The Kennedy Clan In 2020?

The junior Senator from Massachusetts could be facing a big challenge in 2020.

Is Joe Arpaio The Next Roy Moore?

Will Joe Arpaio cause the GOP to lose an otherwise winnable Senate race?

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Yesterday was the seventy-sixth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. For most Americans, though, it was just another day. That’s only natural.

Trump and Latin America

Trump isn’t going to win any regional popularity awards in LA.

Clinton Email Scandal and Trump’s Suitability for the Presidency

Donald Trump would be a horrible president. That doesn’t justify Hillary Clinton’s bad acts.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Does Donald Trump Really Believe Ted Cruz’s Father Is Connected To JFK’s Assassination?

The GOP race for President takes yet another bizarre turn.

Obamas Host Prince and Stevie Wonder at White House ‘On Their Own Dime’

The president is getting flack for holding a private party at his house.

Only One Person Has ‘Blood On His Hands’ In The Deaths Of Officers Ramos And Liu, And He’s Already Dead

NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot dead while sitting in their patrol car In Brooklyn. And those suggesting that anyone other than the killer has “blood on their hands” are being absurd.

New York, New Jersey Modify Ebola Quarantine Policy

After an avalanche of negative commentary, the Governors of New York and New Jersey have modified their policy regarding quarantining people returning from west Africa.

Political Pressure Grows For An Ebola Travel Ban, But The Argument For One Remains Weak

A travel ban sounds like a simple solution to a complex problem. Like most simple solutions, though, it becomes far less appealing when you think about the details.

John F. Kennedy A Conservative? No, Not Really

Conservatives have their own Kennedy myth to compete with the myth of Camelot.

Blaming Dallas For Kennedy’s Assassination

Don’t blame Dallas, or 60s era Texas conservatism, for what happened in Dallas 50 years ago,

The Day CNN Melted Down In Boston

Yesterday was not a good day for the Cable “News” Network.

A Word About Jumping To Conclusions, Boston Edition

There’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened in Boston, so maybe it’s time to stop speculating.

No, It’s Not Fascism

Has Social Media Taken The Sting Out Of Political Scandal?

Does the public still care about the personal transgressions of politicians? The evidence seems to suggest they don’t.

Petraeus Debunks Petraeus Conspiracy Theories

People continue to spread conspiracy theories explaining the “real reason” that David Petraeus’s extra-marital affair became public.

Florida To Set Race-Based Academic Goals

Florida’s new education policy essentially assumes that minority students cannot do as well as their peers. That’s a mistake.

Legitimate Reasons To Question September’s BLS Household Survey

While the conspiracy theory is nuts, there are legitimate reasons to be skeptical of some elements of September’s Jobs Report.

An Alternative History Exercise: What If JFK Hadn’t Died?

Examining a history that might have been.

Obama, Same-Sex Marriage, And African-Americans

Is President Obama’s announcement on same-sex marriage helping to create a change in opinion on the issue among African-Americans?

Vetting A Running Mate In A Post-Palin World

The vetting process for a Vice-Presidential running mate will likely be very different with memories of the Sarah Palin debacle fresh in everyone’s mind.

George Will’s Weird and Lazy Column

Wherein we find that Santorum is the “fun” choice and a few election cliches pay a visit.

Rick Perry Campaign Blame Game Already Underway

Rick Perry’s campaign team is already starting to blame each other for the collapse of a campaign that isn’t over yet.

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Set Up?

New head-scratching revelations in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case.

Green Beret 50th Anniversary

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the green beret as the official headgear of US Army Special Forces.

Oxford Comma Cartoon

Experts and Cable News

Why talk to boring experts when you can, instead, air some more bickering?