Tabs for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

An unusual all non-politics edition.

Robbie Robertson, 1943-2023

The leader of The Band is gone at 80.

A Spotify for News

Publishers and consumers want very different business models.

Nostalgic for Nostalgia

Is the past still the past?

Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary

A long peek at history in the making.

It Was 40 Years ago Today

Music legend John Lennon’s life was cut tragically short four decades ago.

John Lennon Would Be 80 Today

A surreal anniversary.

Joe Diffie Dead from Coronavirus

The 1990s country star is dead at 61.

Ric Ocasek, Cars Frontman, Dead at 75

Another Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is gone.

George Clinton Not a Fan of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Argument

The funk legend advocates a melting pot approach in a wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone.

Tom Petty Dead at 66

The band leader of the Heartbreakers and the Traveling Wilburys is gone.

Chuck Berry, Rock And Roll Pioneer, Dies At 90

A pioneer of Rock & Roll has passed away.

A Second First Impression: Greetings!

In which I use a lot of words to say hello.

Muhammed Ali Dead At 74

The Greatest Of All Time.

George Martin, the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ Dead at 90

The producer behind a group of music legends has passed away at the age of 90.

Sinatra At 100: An Appreciation

Remembering a legend on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Hillary Clinton ‘Unrunning’ For President

The press corps is already bored.

Joe Cocker Dies At 70

New Beatles Material Being Released Solely To Extend Rights Under Copyright Laws

An example of how copyright laws have been perverted to protect corporate interests rather than encourage artistic creativity.

David Frost Dead at 74

The pioneering journalist David Frost has died, aged 74 years.

RIAA Takedown Strategy Backfires

The recording industry has sent its 25 millionth Google takedown notice, trying to kill links that sprung up because of earlier takedown notices.

John Dingell And The Problem With Long-Term Incumbency

As of today, John Dingell has been a Member of Congress for 20,997 days, a new record. That’s not something to celebrate.

Reggae Turns 40 (In America, At Least)

Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come” popularized reggae in America 40 years ago this month.

Joe Scarborough Answers the “Is our Pundits Learning?” Challenge

Seems that the answer continues to be “no.”

Who Owns Your iTunes Library When You Die?

Technically, you don’t own your digital music files. That means you can’t transfer them to your heirs after you die.

Lead singer of the sixties rock band The Monkees, Davy Jones, sings on stage at the Newcastle Arena March 7 1997. Credit: Reuters/Dan Chung Lead singer of the sixties rock band The Monkees, Davy Jones, sings on stage at the Newcastle Arena March 7 1997. Credit: Reuters/Dan Chung

Davy Jones, Monkees Frontman, Dead at 66

Davy Jones, the face of The Monkees, has died.

Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?

Watching the news and reading the op-eds makes it clear: America is doomed.

Blaming Extreme Rhetoric for Extreme Acts

News that Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was a fan of anti-Islamist sites, including Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs has opened a big can of schadenfreude.

Rock Hall Of Fame Running on Empty?

They’re letting anyone into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame these days.

Is iTunes Killing the Album?

The Atlantic’s Dave Thier laments that, “The Beatles on iTunes Means Your Kids May Never Hear ‘Her Majesty’

Jagger Responds to Richards

An imaginary letter from Mick Jagger to “the journalist Bill Wyman” in reference to Keith Richards’ new autobiography has been making the rounds. Oddly, everyone seems to think Jagger actually wrote the piece.

Beatle Economics: Hard Day’s Night

The blogosphere spends more time dissecting the lyrics of a classic Beatles song than John Lennon did in writing them.

If John Lennon Had Lived

A Vanity Fair piece imagines what John Lennon’s life would have been like had he survived an assassin’s bullet.

Rock is Dead They Say . . .

All great rock music was recorded by the time John Bonham died. Or was it?

Caption Contest Winners

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