On Referenda

Morley Safer, Legendary 60 Minutes Correspondent, Dies At 84

A journalistic legend has passed away just days after his retirement was officially announced.

Canadian Voters Kick Stephen Harper Out Of Office After Nine Years

A political earthquake north of the border.

Conservative Party In Danger Of Losing Majority In Canada, But Outcome Still In Doubt

If pre-election polling is to be believed, Stephan Harper and Canada’s Conservative Party seem likely to lose power after Monday’s elections, but there are several reasons why this may not end up being the case.

Big Brother Meets Mickey Mouse

Ubiquitous tracking isn’t all bad.

Three Minute Words: China’s Passive-Agressive Internet

Can a country entry reap the benefits of the connected age while successfully tying down the Internet?

Blackberry One Step Closer To Death

Once dominant atop the smartphone market, Blackberry seems to be counting out the days until its demise.


Apparently, some significant number of people are starving themselves to “save calories” for getting drunk.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Captain Jack Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Obama Plays 100th Round of Golf as President, Should Play More

Americans should be thankful when our presidents take time off.

Drone Creep and the Rumsfeld Question

My first piece for The New Republic, “Why the Obama Administration’s Drone War May Soon Reach a Tipping Point,” is up.

World’s Top Universities

Seven of the top ten and fifteen of the top twenty universities on the planet are American.

Does The Post Office Have A Future?

The Postal Service announced another round of service cutbacks today that are likely to just make the rapidity of its decline increase

Occupy The World – OWS Goes Global

Protests at least loosely affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement were conducted around the globe yesterday.

A Nations of Immigrants with a Dumb Immigration Policy

Canada is much friendlier than the United States with regard to immigration.

More Cautionary Poll Tales

It is waaay too early to be putting much stock in polling for 2012 (either in terms of X v. Obama or GOP v. GOP).

Athletes Are Ruining Sports!

Players have taken control of the NBA from the owners. That’s bad for fans. But probably a good thing.

Watson Beats Ken Jennings on Jeopardy

IBM’s Watson computer crushed human competitors on Jeopardy. What does it mean?

Did Income Taxes Send LeBron James To Miami ?

Did LeBron James pick Miami because of income taxes ? Probably not.

Did LeBron James Betray Cleveland?

Cleveland Cavaliers owner reacted to his star player’s departure with a scathing open letter. Was it fair?