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Hollywood’s Changing Male Ideal


On screen body objectification is now equal opportunity.

There Are A Lot More Twins Out There


Alexis Madrigal notes that there are more twins being born today than there used to be: From about 1915, when the statistical record begins, until 1980, about one in every 50 babies born was a twin, a rate of 2 percent.  Then, the rate began to increase: by 1995, it was 2.5 percent. The rate surpassed […]

Portland Dumps 38 Million Gallons of Water Over 16 Ounces of Urine

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

Portland, Oregon government officials and USA Today headline writers are innumerate.

Your Brain Starts To Deteriorate At Age 24

Brain Image

Apparently, youth is even more fleeting than we thought: That’s according to researchers at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, who have foundthat measurable declines in cognitive performance begin to occur at age 24. In terms of brainpower, you’re over the hill by your mid-20s. The researchers measured this by studying the performance of thousands of players of […]

Affordable Care Act Making Health Insurance Less Affordable


The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

Because Of ObamaCare, Uninsured People Won’t Be Able To Buy Health Insurance Until November


Once again the Affordable Care Act meets the Law Of Unintended Consequences

ObamaCare Passes 7 Million Served


After many ballyhooed glitches, 7 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare. Now what?

Air Force Studying Using Electricity To Keep Troops Awake


The Air Force is apparently looking at ways to keep troops awake that don’t involve caffeine: WASHINGTON — For some modern soldiers, caffeine is just not enough to stay vigilant, especially for the growing ranks of digital warriors who must spend hours monitoring spy drone footage and other streams of surveillance data. So the Pentagon […]

ObamaCare Will Push 2 Million Out of Work! And That’s a Good Thing!


A CBO report on the Affordable Care Act is getting a polarized reading.

Horrible Headline of the Day


Via the BBC:  Cancer ‘tidal wave’ on horizon, warns WHO.

Dispute Involving Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Finally Comes To A Proper End

Medicine Law

Marlise Munoz is finally at peace, but the law that kept her hooked up to machines for two months remains on the books.

Texas Law Keeping Brain Dead Woman “Alive” Because She’s Pregnant

Medicine Law

A brain dead woman in Texas is being kept alive while a fetus that is still not viable grows inside of her.

Justice Sotomayor Temporarily Blocks PPACA Birth Control Mandate

Birth Control Mandate

Developments overnight in a small but controversial issue raised by the PPACA.

Abstaining From Alcohol Can Shorten Your Life


Apparently, abstaining from alcohol may not be so good for you after all: A newly released study shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol. You read that right: Time reports that abstaining from alcohol altogether can lead to a shorter life than consistent, moderate drinking. Surprised? The tightly […]

Science Says Alcohol Can Help Fight The Common Cold


New research says that alcohol, at least in moderation, can help fight the common cold: With the onslaught of holiday parties upon us, a bad case of the sniffles could threaten your merrymaking. Luckily science has swooped in with the jolliest solution of all: You can boost your immune system, a new study claims, by drinking that […]

By Wide Margin, Americans Oppose The Nanny State

Bloomberg Soda

When it comes to thinks like Mike Bloomberg’s large-sized soda ban, most Americans prefer to just say no.

On Veterans, Crime, Timing, and “Other Than Honorable” Discharges


For veterans who get in trouble with the law, *when* they commit a crime can have profound implications on their future. Does this make sense?

WWII Vets Lobotomy Story: Tragic But Not Scandalous


Some 2000 veterans of World War II were lobotomized by the VA. That’s awful but not outrageous.

Choosing A $2,000 Drug Over A $50 Alternative That Works Just As Well


Thanks to current patent and drug regulation laws, we’re paying up to $2,000 for a drug when there’s a drug that does the same thing for orders of magnitude less.

One of These Is Not Like the Others


Yesterday in the comments of this post of Steven Taylor’s, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”, I mentioned a bar chart comparing healthcare costs in a number of developed economies over at my place. Above, courtesy of a frequent commenter there and here, is an alternative representation of the information, sampled from an article at Forbes. […]

Calorie Counts On Menus Don’t Seem To Influence Food Choices


Another government mandate that doesn’t address a real problem.

Obama Apologizes to People Who Lost Lousy Insurance Because of ObamaCare


President Obama has apologized for breaking his “If you like your plan, you can keep it” pledge. Does he have anything to be sorry about?

Sick Man Too Fat to Fly on British Airways


A 500 pound French man was denied a return flight by British Airways.

Cheney Heart Device Altered To Prevent Remote Tampering


Former Vice-President Dick Cheney is coming out with a new book, co-written with his long-time cardiologist, about this life long battle with heart disease, a battle that started when he had a heart attack at the young age of 37. Among the more interesting revelations is the fact that his cardiologist insisted on having a […]

Measles Cases Hit 17 Year High


Measles cases are at a nearly two decade high, and public health officials think they know why: (CNN) – This year is on track to be the worst for measles in more than a decade, according to new numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And people who refuse to vaccinate […]

U.S. Population Distribution 1900 to 2060


Mark Perry has posted this interesting animated GIF file showing the distribution of the U.S. population by age from 1900 through, based on current projections, 2060: As you watch the animation you can clearly see the impact of factors such as the increase in the quality of health care, longer life expectancy, the aging of […]

Standing While Working


While periodic, strenuous exercise is better than nothing, constant movement is much better for our health.

Pacific Beer Helps Avoid Breakdowns


Some century-old Pacific Beer beer ads are “nothing short of brilliant, absurd, and offensive.”

Appellate Court Rules New York Large Sized Soda Ban Unconstitutional

Bloomberg Soda

Another legal setback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to regulate what New York City residents can eat and drink.

Baseball Honors Dr. Frank Jobe, Originator Of Tommy John Surgery


The doctor who came up with a surgical technique that has extended the careers of countless numbers of Major League pitchers was honored yesterday at the Baseball Hall of Fame: COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Dr. Frank Jobe, retired surgeon, and Tommy John, retired pitcher, sat together Saturday recalling their intertwined history: the surgery that Jobe performed […]

Coffee Reduces Suicide Risk


People who drink more coffee are less likely to kill themselves.

Americans Getting Fatter But Still Hate Fat People


Two thirds of us are overweight but we still think fat people are pigs.

Scientists Use Stem Cells To Develop Rudimentary Human Livers

Stem Cell Liver

Scientists have apparently succeeded in using stem cells to create what could one day become the seeds of replacement livers for human beings: Researchers in Japan have used human stem cells to create tiny human livers like those that arise early in fetal life. When the scientists transplanted the rudimentary livers into mice, the little organs grew, made […]

Organ Transplants, Medical Ethics, And Children

Medicine Law

Getting the courts involved in the organ transplant issue could end up being a huge mistake.

Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

DNA Strand

Thanks to the Supreme Court, your DNA cannot be patented.

Cigarette Ads Returning To Television

E Cigarettes

Thanks to those new electronic cigarettes, ads for cigarettes are back on television for the first time since the Nixon Administration.

Vitamin Supplements Dangerous But Government Can’t Tell You


Scientists have known for years that large quantities of supplemental vitamins can be quite harmful. Yet, the FDA is prohibited by law from telling the public.

Finland’s Cardboard Baby Boxes


Finland gives all parents of newborns a cardboard box for their babies to sleep in. No, they’re not homeless.

Fat People Can’t Get PhDs: It’s Science


NYU’s Geoffrey Miller has done a groundbreaking study connecting obesity, and particularly the consumption of simple carbohydrates, with failure to complete doctoral dissertations.

Drug Approval Reciprocity


Shouldn’t medical advances available in Germany be available in the United States and vice-versa?

Older Mothers Have Taller, Thinner Kids


Kids born to over-35 mothers tend to be taller and thinner.

Dying Baby Saved By 3-D Printer


Yet another achievement for a technology that seems to have just burst upon the scene yesterday: (CNN) – When he was 6 weeks old, Kaiba Gionfriddo lay flat on a restaurant table, his skin turning blue. He had stopped breathing. His father, Bryan, was furiously pumping his chest, trying to get air into his son’s lungs. […]

U.S. Murder Rate On Track To Be Lowest In More Than 100 Years


Homicide rates are on pace to be lower than they were at the start of the 20th Century.

Subway No Better Than McDonald’s if You’re an Idiot


Shockingly, there are high calorie items on the menu at Jared’s favorite sandwich shop.

Official Cause of Death Wrong at Least One Third of Time


We rely on death certificates for epidemiology studies. But they’re incredibly unreliable.

FDA Considering Age Limits For Caffeinated Beverages?


Recent comments from an FDA official raise the prospect that the agency is considering minor’s access to caffeinated beverages.

105 Year-Old Woman Says Eating Bacon Every Day Is The Key To Long Life


It’s hard to argue with a woman who’s lived more than a century: A 105-year-old woman from Richland, Texas says that the key to long life is bacon. Pearl Cantrell’s love of bacon is so strong that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile made a stop through town last week to wish her a happy birthday, all […]

Chris Christie Had Weight Loss Surgery


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reveled that he had weight loss surgery back in February: Washington (CNN) - After turning 50 years old, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lap-band surgery in February for the sake of his wife and kids, a source close to the governor confirmed to CNN. Christie told the New […]

Online Viagra Sales Starting Soon


Pfizer will soon start selling Viagra direct to customers online. Given how much Viagra spam OTB has gotten over the years, I assumed it has always been available online.

FDA Makes Plan B Available Over The Counter To 15 Year Olds


The FDA has modified it’s rules on the availability of a politically controversial form of birth control.

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