Dog Bites One Third of Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

While most of us buy homeowner’s insurance to protect against storm damage and theft, injuries caused by dogs account for a third of all damage payouts.

Killer Kitties Create Carnage

The New York Times breaks the shocking story (“That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think”) that cats kill birds and small mammals.

Inkblot, RIP

A sad update to the story of Kevin Drum’s missing cat, which James Joyner wrote about Friday: I hate to write this post, but all of you have been part of Inkblot’s life for so long that I can hardly not do it. One of our neighbors saw the flyers we posted around the neighborhood […]

Inkblot, MIA

Kevin Drum has been writing about his cat, Inkblot, most every Friday for the last decade. Sadly, he’s been missing since Tuesday night.

Overall, babies in homes with cats or dogs were about 30 percent less likely to have respiratory infectious symptoms -- which included cough, wheezing, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose) and fever -- and about half as likely to get ear infections, research shows (AFP Photo/Robyn Beck) Overall, babies in homes with cats or dogs were about 30 percent less likely to have respiratory infectious symptoms -- which included cough, wheezing, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose) and fever -- and about half as likely to get ear infections, research shows (AFP Photo/Robyn Beck)

Babies With Pets in Home Healthier

Babies who grow up with dogs and cats in the home are healthier, a new study finds.

Debbie Loves Cats and Wants a Man

This eHarmony video of Debbie, a recent MBA grad from Villanova who loves cats and seems to be having trouble finding a man despite her education and obvious physical charms, is making the rounds: Honestly, it’s not that hard to put cats in a bowtie or a basket, so I’m not sure what the problem […]

San Fran Pet Ban?

San Francisco is considering banning the sale of pets in the city limits.

Chirac Mauled by Poodle

They say that “dog bites man” is not news. Au contraire: “Chirac Mauled by Clinically Depressed Poodle.”

All Political Corruption is Local

Matt Yglesias is befuddled that Michael Bloomberg is ineligible for re-election as NYC mayor: It really does seem a bit odd that a mayor with a 67 percent approval rating should be forced from office because of a term limits law. I suppose I understand the theory that presidential-level term limits serve as a check […]

Subsidizing Home Ownership

Ezra Klein jumps on a growing meme the home ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that the government should stop subsidizing it. He points to Paul Krugman, who argues in today’s NYT that it’s time to rethink our decades-long bipartisan consensus that home ownership should be encouraged. While everyone stresses the advantages […]

Limbaugh Issues ‘Operation Chaos’ Pause

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t heard more than a few snippets of Rush Limbaugh’s show in years. I haven’t figured out yet whether his “Operation Chaos,” where he’s urging the Dittoheads to register as Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton, is a serious bit of agitprop or camp. Regardless, he’s weighed the latest […]

A Retraction

On two separate occasions in the past month, I condemned John McCain for being honored to receive endorsements from Rev. John Hagee and Rev. Rod Parsley. This condemnation was on the basis of statements I read in articles about them, statements I freely admit I do not know the full context of. Additionally, I don’t […]

Obama’s ‘More Perfect Union’ Speech

Barack Obama gave his big race speech today. I haven’t heard it, just read the transcripts of the pre-release text and the as-delivered version. My colleague Dave Schuler observes, “I’ll wait for the overnight polls. Otherwise my remarks would just be a Rorschach test which is what the commentaries I’ve heard so far have been.” […]

Late Night OTB – Muppet Edition

I’ve had this stuck in my head for three days since reading UGO’s Top 5- TV Shows of All Time (it gets a shout out in #6, a show my family watched together every week), so I’m sharing it with all of you. I was 12 the last time I heard this duet. Brought back […]

Kurt Loder on ‘Sicko’: Heavily Doctored

I was a bit (pleasantly) surprised to see this article by Kurt Loder. Loder takes a critical look at Moore’s latest film, ‘Sicko’ and finds it lacking in terms of facts. Michael Moore may see himself as working in the tradition of such crusading muckrakers of the last century as Lincoln Steffens, Ida Tarbell and […]

Our Biotech Future

Freeman Dyson is excited about the direction of biotechnology. While far from a Luddite, I find his vision rather chilling. Will the domestication of high technology, which we have seen marching from triumph to triumph with the advent of personal computers and GPS receivers and digital cameras, soon be extended from physical technology to biotechnology? […]

A Sensible Vicious Dog Law

The town of New Bedford Massachusetts has come up with what is actually a good law in regards to dangerous/vicious dogs. Basically, the law is structured to focus on “the deed, not the breed”. That is, the law is geared to imposing penalties and restrictions on individual dogs that show signs of being dangerous/vicious. “It […]

Mourning the Death of a Pet

Megan McArdle was chastised by an insensitive blogger of whom I’ve never heard for posting a poem on her blog mourning the passage of her dog, Finnegan. She is, understandably, perplexed and angry at having the legitimacy of her emotions called into question. Obviously I do not think that losing a dog is like losing […]

Neal Boortz May Be Pulled from Virginia Radio Station

David Grant reports for the Collegiate Times that nationally syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz’ show may be pulled from Pulaski, Virginia’s WFNR AM for some controversial remarks he made in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. Boortz echoed a theme expressed by many that the victims were “standing in terror waiting for (their) […]

Hitler, Mozart, and Abortion

Gerard Vanderleun laments the social cost of abortion, wondering, “Of all those babies we destroyed, how many were Einsteins, how many were Mozarts?” Harvey Olson retorts, “Statistically, about as many as there were Hitlers, Dahmers, and Chos.” A debate ensues about the statistical likelihood that a given aborted fetus would mature into a genius vice […]

Break a Compact Flourescent Bulb and Spend $2,000

No, really. Here is a really, really good reason NOT to buy compact flourescent bulbs (CFLs). On that Tuesday, Bridges was installing one of the spiral-shaped light bulbs in her 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom. Suddenly, the bulb plummeted to the floor, breaking on the shag carpet. Bridges, who was wary of the dangers of cleaning up […]

Update on the Pet Food Recall

Over at my home base, The Glittering Eye, I’ve been posting on the pet food recall obsessively, almost to the exclusion of everything else. This must have puzzled many people. There are a number of reasons for my interest in this story. First, I’m a committed dog owner, my dogs are an important part of […]

YouTube, Copyright Law, and Political Speech

Radley Balko has an interesting post sparked by CBS’ forcing YouTube to take down a short cllip from a 40-odd-year-old episode of the “Andy Griffith Show” wherein “Sheriff Taylor explains to Opie that it’s illegal to eavesdrop on conversations between criminal defendants and their lawyers, and how in a free society any conviction resulting from […]

Why People Love Their Pets

Social science has now explained, as if it needed explaining, why people love their pets. John Archer, a psychologist at the , has been puzzling for some time over why people love their pets. In evolutionary terms, love for dogs and other pets “poses a problem,” he writes. Being attached to animals is not, strictly […]

Libby Trial: Opening Arguments – Defense (Live Blog)

“My name is Ted Wells and I speak for Scooter Libby.” He is “totally innocent.” “He is an innocent man and he has been wrongly and unjustly and unfairly accused.” No witness, no document, no scientific evidence will be produced saying that Scooter Libby lied, told them he was about to lie, or that he […]

Beltway Traffic Jam

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Beltway Traffic Jam

Create your own linkfest below. To join in, choose a post from your blog to highlight, edit it to add a link to this post, and then send a TrackBack. If your blog doesn’t automatically generate one, use the Send TrackBack feature below. For more information, see this post. ________ Trackposted to Is It Just […]

New Year Traffic Jam

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Curing Gay Sheep

Some researches at Oregon State may have discovered a cure for gay sheep. SCIENTISTS are conducting experiments to change the sexuality of “gay” sheep in a programme that critics fear could pave the way for breeding out homosexuality in humans. The technique being developed by American researchers adjusts the hormonal balance in the brains of […]

Duke Lacrosse Rape Charges Dropped

The Duke rape case is no longer a rape case. Prosecutors dropped rape charges Friday against three Duke University lacrosse players accused of attacking a stripper at a team party, but the three still face kidnapping and sexual offense charges, a defense attorney said. Joseph Cheshire and attorneys for the other players have said for […]

Law-Abiding Dog Carries His Own Leash

Jack is one law-abiding dog. A city ordinance in Sioux City, Iowa, says all pets must be on a leash — but it doesn’t say who has to be carrying the leash. One Iowa dog, Jack, has been walking himself since he was a puppy. The 11-year-old Labrador retriever holds his own leash in his […]

Robo-Calling and Dirty Tricks

Conn Carroll concisely sums up a controversy brewing in the Left-o-Sphere that has been, so far as I can tell, been ignored by the major blogs on the Right. Talking Points Memo is leading lefty blogger reporting on robocalls going to voters throughout the country including NH-02, NY-19, IL-06, IL-08, CA-04, and CT-04. the calls […]

SAR Dogs from WTC Site Healthy

Scientists have been studying SAR dogs used at the World Trade Center site and report that there is no sign of any major illnesses. NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists have spent years studying the health of search-and-rescue dogs that nosed through the debris at the World Trade Center site, and to their surprise, they have […]

How to Win a Nobel Prize

CNN offers some suggestions for those hoping to win a Nobel Prize one day. Obscurity: Nobel Prize winners, in the fields of science and literature at least, are the celebrity equivalent of dark matter — the chances of becoming one increase significantly in inverse proportion to the complexity and obscurity of your work. So posing […]

Zawahri Video Spouts Democratic Talking Points

Al-Qaeda’s second in command put out a long commercial long commercial for the Democratic Party today. The deputy leader of al-Qaida called President Bush a failure and a liar in the war on terror in a video statement released Friday, and he compared Pope Benedict XVI to the 11th century pontiff who launched the First […]

Ingrid Newkirk & PETA: Hypocrites

How can an organization that is devoted to the ethical treatment of animals endorse a policy that would kill millions of family pets? Only through some pretty amazing mental gymnastics that rely on a mainstay of the liberal agenda, gun control. You see, banning “pit bulls” is the same as banning guns mixed with ignorance. […]

Combating Wal-Mart Asymmetrically (Human Events)

My lastest for Human Events, “Combating Wal-Mart Asymmetrically,” is up. I argue that, rather than compete in the fabled “race to the bottom,” businesses should compete against Wal-Mart and other big box stores asymmetrically, emphasizing comparative advantages in niche markets. For various reasons, my wife and I buy books, coffee, pet food, wine, toiletries, and […]

The Female Brain

In spite of what happened to Larry Summers, research into the differences between male and female brains seems to be all the rage these days. And the conclusions are fascinating: Brizendine uses those differences to explain everything from why teenage girls feverishly swap text messages during class, to why women fake orgasms to why menopausal […]

The Final Word on Sock-Puppetry?

Patrick Frey has an incredibly long post, illustrated with actual puppets, dissecting every nook and cranny of the Glenn Greenwald sock puppertry blogstorm. All I know is that, were I a criminal, I would ply my trade outside his jurisdiction. If he can apply this much effort to ferreting out whether someone posted some blog […]

A History Of Blog Scandals

Allah Pundit has taken the time to put one together in response to the recent Glenn Greenwald-sock puppetry scandal. UPDATE (James Joyner): It’s an interesting roundup and does a good job of putting things into perspective. I think, though, that this is mostly a case of “one of these things is not like the other.” […]

Rather Bitter?

I would say so: He may deny it, but Dan Rather is still hotter than a Laredo parking lot about CBS. Sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed that Rather was not identified on screen with his network of 44 years when he appeared on Anderson Cooper’s 360 Wednesday to discuss his recent trip to North Korea. […]

Emotional Support Dogs

Some restaurants are letting people bring in their pets as “emotional support animals” under guidelines which previously allowed only trained service animals for the blind. Health care professionals have recommended animals for psychological or emotional support for more than two decades, based on research showing many benefits, including longer lives and less stress for pet […]

Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital

AP trumpets a headline that “Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital.” Despite the hugeness, nobody was killed and not much damage was done, although a security guard was injured. Update: AFP adds that, “A powerful rocket exploded in a television station compound near the US embassy and NATO headquarters in the Afghan capital, injuring a Nepalese […]


Via Radley Balko, We want the government to guarantee our health, deflect hurricanes, educate our children and license us to drive; we want to be told what to eat, what to smoke and whom to marry. We are justly proud of the fact that no enduring society has ever incarcerated more of its people. Noting […]

Are American Kids Getting Dumber?

Tom Elia rounds up several recent studies with alarming statistics about the state of our education system in a post entitled, “Is We Educating Our Children Good?” Callimachus summarizes some of the more worrisome thusly: A survey by ACT college testing service found “only 51 percent of students showed they were ready to handle the […]

Pooch Poo to Power San Francisco

Jennifer Viegas reports that San Francisco is working to use dog excrement to power the city. San Francisco is hoping to convert its dog dung into energy that may be able to power everything from an electricity-generating turbine to a home stove, according to Norcal Waste Systems Inc., which oversees garbage collection, recycling and disposal […]

Administration Defends NSA Spying, Further Confuses Issue

Dan Eggen and Walter Pincus report on yesterday’s speeches defending the administration’s controversial surveillance program. Former NSA director General Michael Hayden’s was the more informative of the two. A senior U.S. intelligence official offered a wide-ranging and detailed defense of the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program yesterday, kicking off a White House campaign aimed […]

Here and There

Some snippets that I found amusing or otherwise interesting while perusing Slate: Correction: Teri Hatcher does not have a passion wagon Buried on Page 30 of the National Enquirer is a small-type “apology” to the Desperate Housewives star: “A cover story we ran entitled ‘Teri Hatcher—Amazing Bedroom secrets’ was based on an interview sold to […]

Balancing Religious and Tribal Divides in Iraqi Election

The U.S. is making some policy changes to try to ensure the participation of Sunnis and moderate Shiites in this week’s elections for a permanent Iraqi government. Almost all observers agree that the election of a hard-core Shiite government without substantial participation and autonomy for the Kurd and Sunni regions is a recipe for disaster. […]

Nude Photos of Jennifer Aniston

CrimProf Blog’s Jack Chin (link via Glenn Reynolds) reports, Nude Photos of Jennifer Aniston can’t possibly be “illegal” if taken from a lawful vantagepoint with commercially available and commonly used equipment, can they? At least, they cannot violate a “reasonable expectation of privacy”, right? But lawyers who filed a lawsuit described on The Smoking Gun […]

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