Donald Trump Promises Retribution if Re-Elected

Yet more evidence of an unfit, unstable candidate.

Mitch McConnell’s Health Woes Continue

The Senate Republican Leader had another concerning incident.

Student Loan Forgiveness Done Right

Helping the victims of degree mills.

Giuliani Defamed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss

A federal court has ruled, now the question is one of damages.

Testing Section 3

State election officials are standing by for challenges to Trump’s right to run.

Wednesday’s Forum

More Stupid Poll Tricks

Corrupt and crazy versus old and confused.

Tuesday Tab Clearing

Some of these have been open for a while…

Trump’s First Federal Trial Set For 2024

For the moment, the “January 6th” trial begins on March 4th, 2024

Stupid Polling Tricks

Americans don’t want either Trump or Biden! Film at 11.

France’s Crackdown on Religious Garb Expands

The abaya is now banned as well.

(Last) Sunday’s Discussion Question Revisited

Wherein I finally reveal my answer (spoiler: it is hardly surprising). And, also, wherein despite the goal of brevity, I fail at that goal.

When Allies Become Heretics

Call-out culture has become a circular firing squad.

Sunday’s Forum

Indictments Are Hurting Trump

The people want a fast trial and think he’s guilty and should go to jail.

Russia Laundering Propaganda Through Western Media

The US government is fighting back, albeit subtly.

GOP Debate Most-Watched Show on TV

A surpringly large number tuned in to see people who won’t be the nominee.

Schools, Diversity Initiatives, and Parental Rights

There’s an inherent tension in public education.

A Photo for Friday

“Stormy Weather”

Comment Editing Disabled [FIXED]

Hopefully, just a temporary issue.

Musical Lawyers

A shift in the legal team in GA.

War on Skiplagging Escalates

The airlines hate hidden city ticketing and are cracking down.

First Republican Debate of 2024 Season

Vivek Ramaswamy’s national coming out party was, well, interesting.

Yevgeny Prigozhin Assassinated

The Wagner chief is presumed dead after his plane was shot down.

Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo Under Investigation

The DC district attorney’s office is looking into allegations of masssive tax fraud.

Wednesday’s Forum

John Warnock, 1940-2023

The Adobe cofounder who revolutionized printing is gone at 82.

Poll Shows Iowa GOP “Divided”

But what does this actually mean?

China’s Flailing Economy

Xi’s government is taking a drastically different approach to the slowdown.

Democrats Worried About Youngkin

Virginia’s governor has raised a ton of money.

Tuesday’s Forum

The Demise of the Cheap, Small Car

The average new vehicle is now $48,000. And huge.

14th Amendment Solutions

One weird trick could save us from Trump.

Sunday Discussion Question

Who is the GOP’s best option to beat Biden and why?

Sunday’s Forum

When Does A University Stop Being a University?

West Virginia University may be the canary in the coal mine.

The Quest for a Non-Trump Republican

The Establishment is desperate for an alternative that’s not coming.

Trump Lawyers: Win Some, Lose Some

They chose the ticket, now they are going for the ride.

A Photo for Friday

“Stormy Field”

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

Ukraine May Fall Short

Yet more leaked intelligence gives a gloomy forecast.